Being a ‘Recluse’ on Halloween | Rachel

recluse halloween 1.jpg

Halloween. All Hallows’ Eve, whatever you want to call it. A night where most people my age spend their evening being social, attending parties, putting on their best costume and celebrating by drinking their entire body weight in alcohol! Celebrating what exactly I don’t quite know. I’ve never really understood the concept of Halloween to be honest, but growing up as a kid who was easily scared at the idea of ghouls and ghosts, I was never really a fan. Most normal kids would go trick-or-treating but I would sit at home, curtains drawn, praying nobody would knock at the door dressed in some creepy costume begging for sweets (it’s kind of weird when you think of it like that…). I remember going once and that was it! We also had a few family Halloween parties when I was a child but apart from the food and sweets I wasn’t too keen.

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Starting Something New | Rachel

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I’ve always been interested in art from a young age, whether it be colouring in (which I still do occasionally and can you blame me?) and finger painting all the way to now, where I have a passion for art in the forms of both photography and drawing. I love spending time drawing and designing but I rarely used to find the motivation or time to do it. After visiting MCM Comic Con again in May, I was inspired by all of the different artists and the prints they all had to offer. Obviously I came home with a few to put up on my wall and admire, but this time I actually thought, hey I’d love to do that myself! I turned on my laptop and started to create some work of my own and long story short, that was when I created Foxes in the Forest.

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Lemon Meringue Cupcakes | Recipe


Lemon meringue pie and cupcakes are two of the best foods you can eat, so what happens when you put them together? Whenever I (Rachel) have a day off work I find myself flicking through numerous recipe books, hoping to find something unique and tasty to make. I really fancied something lemon-y the other week, but baking lemon meringue pie is just too time consuming and who can be bothered to wait around for food that will only take seconds to eat? I had the best idea when I thought of making lemon meringue in the form of quick and easy cupcakes and I managed to find a recipe for just that!

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LUSH Intergalactic Bath Bomb | Rachel

Being a big Marvel fan, as soon as Lush brought out this ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ inspired product as an Oxford Street exclusive, I knew I needed to try it! Lucky enough for me, I didn’t have to wait till we visited the big store to get my hands on it, as Lush recently released this beauty in all stores! We were shown it in action at the Blogger event we went to last month and I picked it up straight after as one of my free items.

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Lush Mayday Bath Bomb | Rachel

Every time I head into Lush I can never make my mind up about what bath bombs I want to try out (an employee even recognises us two in our local store now because of how indecisive I am)! But when I saw May Day in person I knew I had to have it! First of all, it’s such an adorable bath bomb shaped like a badger and being an animal lover, of course I needed it! Another thing that drew me to it is the price. It’s so affordable for £2.95 for what I’d say is quite a big bath bomb! Not only that but all of the proceeds from the product (minus the VAT) go towards the Votes For Animals campaign, which is an amazing cause to give animals a voice!

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My First Lush Bath Bomb Experience! | Butterball

I’m (Rachel) a shower person, and I’ll be honest with you, until now I hadn’t had a bath since I was little! But everyone raves about how amazing lush bath bombs are, and you only need to take a peek inside the shops to see how vibrant and amazing they look, not to forget the smells! If you saw our latest Lush haul post I recently bought the Butterball bath bomb. I’d read about it and how it’s good for dry skin and seeing as I suffer with eczema I thought I had to give it ago!

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