New Year, New… Tees?


It’s safe to say we’re not the best when it comes to arranging a day to take blog pictures. The weather is never on our side when we head out to get outfit photos and the day we took these was particularly freezing. Just our luck that it was like the coldest, most windy day of the year so far and we’re not even joking, our hands were so frozen we had trouble pressing the cameras shutter button. The things us bloggers do!
Getting onto the point of this post… We’re 18 days into 2018 and it didn’t take our shopping obsessed selves long to go and splash some Christmas cash on a few new clothing items, it just had to be done! Today we’re talking all about these new tees (well, one is technically a jumper) that we managed to find around the shops at the beginning of the month.

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2018 Goals: Making a Change

2018 goals 1.jpg

So another year has gone by and just like every other year, it didn’t even feel like Christmas was a thing? January is probably our least favourite month and we always try not to be taken over by the January blues, but it can be so difficult to stay positive.

One way we’re trying to defeat the January blues this year is by seeing January as a fresh new start and a chance to make new memories. We never really do things that we regret, but there’s always something that could be improved slightly, so we know it might be a bit cliché, but we’ve decided to set ourselves some personal goals and changes we want to make for 2018. We’re never usually into the whole “New Years Resolution” thing, but this year we thought it might help us stay positive and have something that we aim to achieve or change by the end of the year.

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The Photography Student Essentials List | Rachel


So you’’ve just finished the first term of your photography degree, or maybe you’re planning to start one next year. Being an art student doesn’t come cheap, a lot of equipment is needed and your course will require lots of organisation and budgeting! I’m currently on the second year of my degree, so completing my first year has given me experience and time to learn what things are essential, and what’s just a waste of time. I’ve put together a list of stuff that I’ve found essential for my course, which will hopefully help anyone out who is jumping into the world of photography!

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Pink, it’s our new obsession… | Styling the Statement Coat


So we’re still not entirely sure what the meaning of that song really is… but hey it makes for a pretty catchy blog title regardless right? Plus, who doesn’t love a bit of Aerosmith?! It is true though, surprisingly we’ve a new found love for the colour pink. A lot of the time we wear mainly monochrome outfits, so it’s nice to add a pop of colour somewhere and in this case it’s in the form of a coat.

Pink in general has been on trend lately, which has shocked us a little as we personally associate the colour with Spring and Summer as opposed to the colder seasons. We personally haven’t worn much pink for years now as we steered away from it when we went through our wanna be ‘punk’ phase (everyone had one right?) and never got back in to it as a colour. That’s until now and the main for this is because of these amazing statement coats that we’re about to show you!

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Halloween 2017 | Vlog


The weekend before Halloween was quite an eventful one for us. We went to one of our favourite places, Colchester Zoo, to see if we could be scared by their ‘Fright Night’ attractions! We also went on our yearly visit to MCM Comic Con to see what geeky merch we could get our hands on and then we went around London to do a bit of shopping. We ended our weekend by carving pumpkins and you can watch it all in this vlog!

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Being a ‘Recluse’ on Halloween | Rachel

recluse halloween 1.jpg

Halloween. All Hallows’ Eve, whatever you want to call it. A night where most people my age spend their evening being social, attending parties, putting on their best costume and celebrating by drinking their entire body weight in alcohol! Celebrating what exactly I don’t quite know. I’ve never really understood the concept of Halloween to be honest, but growing up as a kid who was easily scared at the idea of ghouls and ghosts, I was never really a fan. Most normal kids would go trick-or-treating but I would sit at home, curtains drawn, praying nobody would knock at the door dressed in some creepy costume begging for sweets (it’s kind of weird when you think of it like that…). I remember going once and that was it! We also had a few family Halloween parties when I was a child but apart from the food and sweets I wasn’t too keen.

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Exploring the Pumpkin Patch


Every year throughout the month of October, our Instagram feed is full of people going to a pumpkin patch. We scroll through and see the array of orange shades and interestingly shaped pumpkins and it always makes us want to visit one ourselves. The problem is we were always unsure of where a local decent patch was located. That was until our blogger pal Yasmine recently posted some pictures on her Instagram of her visit to Foxes Farm pumpkin patch. Since it’s fairly local to us, we decided we had to make a trip, finally!

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