Being a ‘Recluse’ on Halloween | Rachel

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Halloween. All Hallows’ Eve, whatever you want to call it. A night where most people my age spend their evening being social, attending parties, putting on their best costume and celebrating by drinking their entire body weight in alcohol! Celebrating what exactly I don’t quite know. I’ve never really understood the concept of Halloween to be honest, but growing up as a kid who was easily scared at the idea of ghouls and ghosts, I was never really a fan. Most normal kids would go trick-or-treating but I would sit at home, curtains drawn, praying nobody would knock at the door dressed in some creepy costume begging for sweets (it’s kind of weird when you think of it like that…). I remember going once and that was it! We also had a few family Halloween parties when I was a child but apart from the food and sweets I wasn’t too keen.


Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Autumn and everything that comes with it. The crispy leaves, the orange and burgundy colours, cosy nights in with hot chocolate, call me cliche but I love it! At the age of 19 I’ve even warmed to the idea of Halloween and if I could I would decorate the house in tonnes of Autumnal decorations (and maybe even the odd pumpkin and skeleton here and there!) but I don’t think my dad would appreciate that too much! But I still don’t really “celebrate” it.

The main reason for this is because I am, I admit, a bit of a recluse. I do enjoy seeing the few friends that I have every once in a while, but anything that involves being properly social and meeting new people is a no from me! Being honest, the thought of going to any kind of Halloween party which involves making the effort to dress up, drinking and being around lots of people (and even worse, people I don’t know) is not my thing and quite honestly makes me feel really anxious. I am probably making myself out to be the most boring person on earth, but if I am then so be it!


I am way too anxious for parties but the annoying thing is, I see all the hype for Halloween as soon as September arrives, with people decorating their houses and planning their celebrations and it makes me want to do something for Halloween! I can’t really win can I? So, how do I celebrate? Well I only started “celebrating” Halloween about 4 years ago, on the year I got with my boyfriend, Joe. I remember going to his house and carving pumpkins (believe it or not, that was the first time I’d ever carved a pumpkin in my life!) and it’s kind of a little tradition for us to carve pumpkins together every year now and Lauren and her boyfriend have started joining us. Besides that my mum and I occasionally put out a few decorations around the house but that’s it!

As much as I’d love to be social on Halloween, it just isn’t for me! So I think I’ll stick to carving pumpkins, putting on my pyjamas and watching a few Disney films (most likely Halloweentown and Hocus Pocus!),  hot chocolate in hand.


What will you be doing this Halloween? Do you go all out with the celebrations or are you like me and would rather sit in?


3 thoughts on “Being a ‘Recluse’ on Halloween | Rachel

  1. I love dressing up for Halloween but completely get why it’s not for everyone! To be honest I probably won’t celebrate much this year which I think is fine. I’m always interested to read how other people spend the day.

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  2. Oh my gosh, it’s like you are describing me! I can’t stand the thought of dressing up, going out to a party with people I don’t know. I usually put a few decorations out front for Halloween, and stay in with a tub of sweets for the trick or treaters (and whatever’s left is for me!) Haha.

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