Florida Adventures Vlog – Part 2


So it may have been a while ago now, but we couldn’t not post part 2 of our Florida vlog could we?! We know it’s very late but we’ve been so busy with other things in life that we had to set our vlog aside… Our blogging game has sadly not been strong lately *cries*. But it’s finally up now and in this vlog we’re showing you what we got up to on week 2 of our holiday!

On the second week of our holiday we revisited all of the main Disney and Universal parks and we also went to Disney’s Winter Summerland mini golf and Typhoon Lagoon water park! If we’re honest we forgot to record quite a lot of stuff that we did around the parks, but we hope you still enjoy seeing some of the stuff we did.

All in all we know our Florida vlogs weren’t as good as we hoped they’d be but it was a very weird experience for us, so we didn’t do much vlogging. Instead we tried to take everything in and let it sink in that we were actually in Disney, in America! Maybe it was just us but we found it all really overwhelming, hence why we vlogged so inconsistently.

Here’s to hoping we can go back one day!
We’ve only been back home for just over a month and we miss is so much already.

lauren and rachel

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