Lush The Birth of Venus Jelly Face Mask | Review


A few weeks back, Lush released an exciting new range of products, consisting of everything from new hot oil hair treatments, to body sprays and even the new jelly bombs, which have got everyone talking! Amongst the new products are jelly face masks, which have to be our favourite products from Lush in a long time. When we first heard of them we thought of them as a new gimmick product. The exact thoughts that came into our heads were “well, seems like Lush have run out of ideas!”. Despite this, we were really intrigued by the new face masks and it wasn’t until we actually picked one up that we realised our thoughts were so wrong!


There are a total of 5 jelly face masks, each catering for different skin types. The masks in the range are Just To Clarify, 1000 Millihelens, Bunny Moon, Fomo and the mask we are reviewing today, The Birth of Venus. The new jelly face masks are £6.95 each for a pot, which is cheaper than the fresh face masks that come in at £7.25 for a 75g pot. We’d say that considering the amount of product you get, it is well worth the £6.95 price tag!

We are both huge fans of the original fresh face masks and face and body masks, so after looking at the new jelly masks in store we were keen to buy one. We were told that The Birth of Venus would be brilliant for combination skin and since we both have this skin type, we thought it would be perfect for us. Fresh sea water, lavender oils, rose absolute and chamomile blue oil are some of the main ingredients of this jelly mask. The sea water used is rich in minerals that tone and refresh skin, whilst the lavender and chamomile oils sooth and calm it.


The first thing we noticed about this product is the colour. The blue colouring is one that catches our eyes and is a colour that takes us away to a calm and soothing place. This is perfect for a face mask since they’re a product we use to relax and unwind. Upon opening the pot, the first thing that hit us was the amazing scent that this face mask has. If you’re a lover of lavender scents this jelly mask is totally for you! It isn’t too strong and is very calming and relaxing. The whole scent just gives off a soothing vibe which is just what you want when your skin needs some TLC! Lush have also changed the packaging for these face masks. They are a clear matte plastic and we love the new look!

We were pleasantly surprised with how easy The Birth of Venus was to use. We were thinking that the jelly masks would have the same feel as the shower jellies but they seem thicker and aren’t as wobbly! To use the mask you simply pull a piece of it off and rub it in your hands to make a paste, then apply to your face using circular motions to ensure an even coverage. When applying the mask it turns to a mousse/paste that can be hard to remove from your hands – this is one thing we weren’t too keen on. After applying the product we did have to give our hands a good scrub, it just felt a little annoying that we weren’t able to get all of the product that was on our hands, on to our faces!


As with any face mask, the drying time will depend on how thick you put the mask on. For us, The Birth of Venus dried relatively quickly, even when applying what we consider to be a thick layer. Whilst drying, the face mask did leave a sticky feeling when touched, although if you were to accidentally touch or brush your face, no product comes off. It can be really annoying when you’re wearing a face mask and your hair falls into it or you get it on your clothes, but with the jelly masks this doesn’t happen! Another thing we noticed when the face mask was drying is that it didn’t flake like other face masks often do. Instead it feels like one of those peel of face masks you can buy! This is great for us and we think there’s nothing worse than when a face mask starts to crumble and goes all over your clothes. We noticed that the scent is very fragrant and you can smell it the whole time it’s on your skin, which is pleasant!

For us, the removal was a pretty long process but it is important to remember that this might not be the case for everyone. We found getting the mask off to be a little difficult and time consuming. With any other face mask we would normally use warm water and our hands to rub the mask off. We used this ‘method’ to remove the jelly mask and it wasn’t as quick to remove the product as we’d hoped. In the end we decided it would be easier to use a flannel to get the product off. When removing the product, it feels very soft and smooth in your hands, like a facial wash. We feel as if the jelly face masks act as a sort of 2 in 1 face mask and facial cleanser as you can feel your skin being cleansed and moisturised as you remove it.


After using The Birth of Venus, we noticed our skin felt very smooth and calm. We’re never really sure if a product does anything for our skin, although Rachel has noticed her skin feels calmer and there’s been less breakouts since using this face mask. Although this could just be a coincidence! Regardless, if a product makes your skin feel good and helps you to relax, it’s worth it in our eyes!

Overall, we were really surprised with how much we enjoyed using this jelly mask. At first we were thinking they were more of a gimmick product but after using it our minds have completely changed. The Birth of Venus smells amazing and makes you feel incredibly relaxed… which is one of the main reasons to use a face mask right? Although the removal process takes a bit of getting used to, don’t let that put you off, your skin is left feeling silky smooth.


Have you tried Lush’s new jelly masks yet? What are your opinions on them or are you still too sceptical to try them? We have to say, we were impressed with The Birth Of Venus and we may well try one of the others in this range once we’ve used this jelly mask up.

lauren and rachel


14 thoughts on “Lush The Birth of Venus Jelly Face Mask | Review

  1. OOOoooo this must be new since I last went in there. I haven’t seen these but I NEED IT! it looks so fun hahaha! I love the colour too, it is such a stunning blue colour. For £6.95 it is definitely worth it as you could get loads of masks out of this! now I am excited to go back into Lush lol!

    Sophia xo //

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I just bought this today on a whim and I am so excited to try it! I literally believe that Lush saved my skin from certain door (acne, oily tzone, redness, all improved by Lush products) so in my eyes they can do very little wrong! Plus this one is just a fun colour!!


  3. The colour looks really great. I find it’s a bit hassle to use mask (esp the washing part)…. but the jelly texture sounds really interesting and I guess as most lush products it must smells good! Might give it try 🙂 BTW I followed your Twitter too, it’s Tivamoo here.


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