Taking the Plunge | Why We Decided to Get a Domain Name!


Over the last month or so we’ve been really impressed with ourselves in terms of our blog. We’ve spent a lot more time on it and managed to create regular content that we’re proud of, as well as making time to schedule regular tweets and keep on top of our social media. It’s not always been easy for us to keep on track, as we have other commitments but we are hoping to make the most of the Summer to try and get our blog where we want it to be. Which brings us to the point of today’s post! As you may have seen we have taken the plunge and finally got ourselves a domain name! We are now a ‘.com’ and not a ‘wordpress.com’ after all this time! It feels a little strange to us but we’re sure we’ll get used to it.

To us, getting a domain name is a big thing. It’s always something we’ve thought about but just never looked into properly. After blogging for over two years we felt like it was finally time to get one as to us it feels like we are taking the next step and getting more serious about our blog. If you’re reading this and have no intention of getting a domain name then please don’t think that it means you are not serious about your blog. Everyone has their own personal ideas on what it is to be a serious blogger, obviously we are not going to stop our current career paths for it but blogging is something we have enjoyed for years now! We personally just feel that having a domain name is seen as more ‘professional’ by companies and let’s face is… it’s so much easier and quicker to type!!


Why did we get a domain name?
After blogging for well over two years it just feels like the right time to get a domain name. We really enjoy blogging as a hobby and we want to have the opportunity to work with brands. We have seen that a lot of companies are only willing to work with bloggers who have a domain name, which is one thing that made us get one. If we’re being honest, who doesn’t want a few paid opportunities through their blog? We’re always in need of some spare cash so getting money through something we love would be cool. We also spend so much time on our content, so getting paid for it would be a dream! Obviously we aren’t saying that we’ll get a tonne of sponsored ops instantly, but what’s the harm in trying?

Why didn’t we do it sooner?
We’ve been considering getting a domain ever since we started our blog in 2015 but never really understood how they worked. Due to us both having uni commitments and working part time jobs we never found the time to look into domain names properly. We were also unsure of the cost and thought that a domain name would really break the bank, as being students means we are on a really tight budget. Besides the costs, the main reason for us not getting a domain sooner is that we were really unsure on how long we’d be blogging for. We honestly thought we’d do it for a few months and get bored or not find the time to write posts. Two and a half years down the line, we feel it’s the perfect time to do it as we’re sure we’ll be blogging for at least another year!

What we hope it’ll do for our blog
As we’ve already said, we’re hoping that having a domain will allow us to work with some brands. Obviously just because you have a domain name doesn’t automatically mean companies will want to work with you. It’s all about hard work and we understand that, but we feel like paying for a domain is a step closer to that goal. It would be really cool for us to get a few paid opportunities. Over the next year we will not be earning from our career paths as Lauren is going into teacher training and Rachel is in her second year of university, so any spare cash would be great! Again, we’re not saying having a domain is going to earn us loads of money but if it makes our blog look that little bit more professional we’re willing to try it!

Why should you get a domain name?
We can’t sit here and promise that from purchasing a domain name you’ll automatically get a tonne of opportunities. However, if it’s something you’ve been wanting to do for ages, like us, then why not take the plunge too? If you are on a budget like us, you can get a domain with WordPress for as little as £2.50 a month! On the grand scheme of things £30 a year isn’t too much if it makes you feel better about your blog and who knows what opportunities it may bring? It’s worth reading up on it first and taking time to think about it though. Obviously if you don’t want to get a domain name or it’s really something that you cannot afford that doesn’t mean your blog isn’t amazing! Keep doing what you’re doing guys!


To celebrate getting our own domain name we also changed our blog header! As many bloggers might agree, there’s nothing like getting a new blog header and we felt it was the perfect time to change it now that we have our domain. Although our blog isn’t 100% how we’d like it to look, we could only afford the cheapest package, meaning our layout isn’t customizable. We’re not sure if we’ll ever take the plunge into getting a more expensive package, but for now we’re really happy with our blog and can’t wait to see what the future holds!

lauren and rachel


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