Layering Lab Body Mists by Superdrug


One thing that is a massive handbag essential for us is body spray. It’s always good to feel like you smell pleasant to those around you and during the summer months we feel it is especially important! We never like to spend too much on a body spray since they are a beauty product we use so frequently. Luckily for us, Superdrug have a whole range of body mists which are affordable, cruelty free and perfect for a quick freshen up!

The Superdrug Layering Lab body sprays are priced at £2.99 for 100ml and are available in 6 fruity fragrances; Gourmand, Paradise, Floral, Oriental, Fresh and Cocoon. The main thing that drew us to these sprays was the packaging. The brightly coloured bottles with the simplistic yet sophisticated branding really caught our eyes. We also love that the packaging tells you the 3 main elements that come together to create the overall distinctive scent of the spray.

What makes these sprays so unique is the idea that you can layer them up to create your own personal fragrance. There is a helpful guide to doing this on the Superdrug website, which includes different ideas for creating the perfect scent for you. They suggest Oriental paired with Fresh for the perfect party fragrance and Floral and Gourmand for an every day, feel good scent. Although, you can mix and match any sprays you like to create an aroma that suits you!


Each of the sprays available in the range has a distinct and pleasant smell. We only picked up 2 each but we’re aiming to try all of them at some point!

Floral is the perfect floral (shocking we know) yet fruity scent. It has a strong scent of rose but also with a hint of berries. Out of the all the layering lab sprays in this post we’d have to say that floral has the strongest scent which some may find overpowering but we love it!

Cocoon is not just your average vanilla fragrance. Whilst other vanilla body sprays we have used are very sweet and overpowering, Cocoon has a really fresh delicate scent of vanilla with floral hints. It’s the perfect scent for when you fancy something light and not too strong.


Oriental is a more spicy but fruity scent. It is a blend of berries and spices with a hint of rose and dark vanilla. We feel it is a very warm and luxurious scent and is one of our favourites in the collection.

Gourmand is probably the hardest scent to describe, for us it’s similar to floral but with a stronger scent of berries compared to rose. Basically if you like floral/berry scents but don’t want something extremely strong we’d say go for Gourmand instead of Floral!


The sprays are so strong and the scents are really distinct once they have dried on the skin. This makes them perfect to use as a perfume as well as a body spray, since the scents are so lovely and perfect for when you want a light fragrance. If you’re looking for a body spray which is affordable but feels luxurious at the same time, the Layering Lab body mists are definitely worth a try!



4 thoughts on “Layering Lab Body Mists by Superdrug

  1. Oooh these sound superb! Will have to pick a couple up with my next Superdrug haul; I’ve only tried the SO…? Body mists they sell there so would love to try something new 😍


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