MUA Luxe Matte Metallic Liquid Lipstick | Review


Liquid lipstick reviews seem to be a regular thing on our blog recently. We love nothing more than a good quality lipstick that is also a bargain! We always rave about the MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers on here so when we saw that MUA had brought out a metallic liquid lipstick collection we knew we had to give them a go!


Price, Packaging and Shades

These MUA liquid lipsticks are priced at £3 and come in four metallic shades; Orion, Apollo, Phoenix and Perseus. We’d say that in terms of the variety of shades there isn’t really any as you only have the choice of a pink or nude tone. This isn’t a bad thing for us as we like a nude lip, although if you’re looking to make a bold statement these probably aren’t the best for you. Hopefully MUA will bring out more of a variety of shades in the matte metallics collection in the future though! When it comes to packaging these metallic lipsticks are a lot chunkier and shorter compared to MUA’s standard matte lip lacquers. We like the fact that the majority of the packaging is completely clear, meaning you get to see exactly what the colour inside looks like and the metallic shades look so pretty in the tubes. The tube also feels sturdy and we like how simplistic MUA’s packaging is overall.

Price: 5/5
Packaging: 4/5
Shades: 2/5


Application & Formula

In comparison to any lipstick lipstick we’ve ever used, these metallics have a considerably smaller wand. Personally we prefer a longer wand, for example Kat Von D’s, as we find it easier to get a neat application. Therefore we personally find it hard to get a neat application with an even coverage. We’re a little confused about the formula of this product as to us it has the consistency of a cream eye-shadow (similar to NYX’s Lid Lingerie), as opposed to a liquid lipstick. It is also very thin and can be patchy when applied, normally this wouldn’t be an issue, although when trying to layer the product it is still sometimes patchy and not entirely opaque.

Something we love in a lip product is a scent, we know that not everyone likes this but for us it’s always a winner! The MUA matte metallics have a scent (we’re unsure if it’s intentional or not) that is both sweet yet vanilla-ry, this always takes us back to our childhood. The good thing about it is that it’s not overpowering meaning that if you are not a fan of lipsticks with a scent you shouldn’t be put off!

Application: 3/5
Formula: 2.5/5

Overall Score: 16.5/25


Before we talk about the two shades we picked up… we’re a bit disappointed that the lipsticks don’t actually have the name of the shade on the bottle!! This means we’re not actually 100% sure which shades we picked up which is a little annoying for us. We believe the lipsticks we got our hands on are Orion (above) and Apollo (below). Orion is a shimmery light bronze shade and is one of the more subtle shades in the collection. We feel it is a shade that would work well with bright eye makeup if you don’t want your lips to be too bold. Apollo, on the other hand, is a very pink/berry tone. It is very shiny and a shade that neither of us personally adore as we much prefer a nude lip. Although we don’t regret trying it out as you never know whether you’re going to love or hate a lipstick!


Overall we feel like these lipsticks are worth the money. Even if you aren’t too sure if a metallic lip will suit you, they are well worth trying for yourself for £3. We wouldn’t say these are our favourite lipsticks but that’s probably due to the fact the shades aren’t really ones we’d normally go for. We also aren’t too sure if we’re brave enough to rock a shiny metallic lip!! We feel that it’s a personal preference and neither of us are really fans of how the metallic lipsticks looked on us.


What do you think of these products by MUA? We like the product itself but just aren’t too fond of how shiny they are once applied. Maybe they just take some getting used to!lauren-and-rachel

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