Cruelty Free Beauty | Skin Elixir Review*


As people who only use cruelty free beauty products, we feel that it’s important to bring as many reviews of cruelty free brands to our blog as possible! Twitter is brilliant for sourcing smaller cruelty free brands which is how we found Skin Elixir. Skin Elixir are a brand who create hand-made 100% natural and vegan, moisturisers and perfumes. Their website states that the ingredients used in their products are chosen for their healing properties. The brands creator, Shona, kindly sent us the Skin Elixir Gift Box to use and review.


The Skin Elixir Gift Box contains a 60ml pot of organic moisturiser and 10ml roll on perfume and is priced at £40. This may seem pricey at first however, it is important to remember that these cosmetics are hand-made and contain organic ingredients. The products also have a look and feel of luxuriousness about them and therefore we do feel that the products are worth the money, especially if you would like to treat yourself or a loved one!



Upon arrival our products were well packaged. The gift box comes in a little black and gold box with the Skin Elixir branding on the top. Inside the box was some gold packaging that secured the two products in place, which added to the luxurious feel of the products. To us, the packaging reflects the natural properties of the products as it is simple yet effective. We were also impressed with the  packaging of the actual products, as it makes them look and feel like a high quality brand.



Moisturiser – The frankincense and may chang moisturiser has a thick and creamy and consistency that appears to melt into a light oil as soon as it is in contact with the skin. It leaves skin feeling soft and hydrated as opposed to greasy which we have experienced with previous moisturisers in the past.  This product is intended for use on the face although the website states that it can be used all over the body. Generally, we only use moisturisers on our body as opposed to face as we aren’t keen on using them due to us having oily skin. However, Rachel decided to test the product on her face but decided that she did not like the feel as although her skin felt hydrated she felt that it felt too sticky and oily. It is important to remember that this is a personal preference and we feel we’d rather use it at night to sink in to the skin. Overall, we love the scent of the product and how it leaves our skin feeling hydrated.

Perfume – For us, the scent of the perfume isn’t something that we would normally go for however, we are very keen on the natural scent that it has. We have used this product in 2 ways so far, one to ‘freshen up’ and two as a night roller. The scent to us is so calming that we have applied the perfume to our wrists before bed as we found it to be soothing. This could be due to the fact that the main ingredients of this product are essential oils such as Frankincense which helps to relax and relieve stress. The label also states that as this is a unisex perfume it can be used as a beard rub too which we’re guessing is handy if you have facial hair! Overall, we definitely feel that the more you use this product, the more you fall in love with it!


Overall, we were incredibly impressed with the products we received from Skin Elixir. To us they feel like a luxury product which is not something we have tried before and it felt great to try something new, especially because their brand is cruelty free. We feel that the Skin Elixir gift set would be a perfect treat for a loved one, especially if they are in to both luxury and organic products. Thank you to Shona for gifting us these items, we will now continue to enjoy using them!


*Although we were gifted these products, all opinions are our own.

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