The January Jumper Edit

jumper edit.jpg

It’s safe to say that we’re happy January is almost over, it’s been cold and wet and we’ve had a constant cold! The weather took a right turn in England and it’s been really chilly here, so what’s better than a big baggy jumper to keep you warm? So with that in mind, we wanted to show you some of our favourite jumpers we’ve been wearing this January!

Lauren – Jumper 1: H&M


After seeing this jumper on my favourite Youtuber, Helen Anderson, I knew I had to own it too. I would never normally go for a jumper this colour as it’s a bit out of my comfort zone but I really love the style. I found it in the grungey section of H&M for only £25, the quality is so good that it’s well worth the price. It’s an over-sized jumper that is super snuggly which is great considering how cold it is in England right now!

The rip effect down the side of the jumper is a nice touch and adds to the grunge vibe which I’m loving! I love to pair this jumper with black/grey ripped jeans, it’s the perfect outfit for chucking on to go to uni. This has been a go to piece in my wardrobe over the past few months, it’s comfy and cosy what’s better than that?!


Rachel – Jumper 1 : Topshop


I bought this jumper a few years ago but I still love it. It’s quite basic but I love how the little beads make it stand out so much more. I love the black and burgundy colours as it makes the jumper perfect for autumn and winter (although, who’s really going to wear a jumper in the spring or summer anyway?). The only problem I have is styling it as the neckline isn’t high enough to put a shirt on under it. However, if I’m just going for a lazy casual look I can throw it on with jeans and it looks fine!

The only thing that I don’t like about it is that the beads fall off so easily, so lots are missing. It means I’ve had to glue a few back on although they still end up falling off. Considering it was around £45 it’s quite disappointing but I do feel that the quality of Topshop’s products has improved since!


Lauren – Jumper 2 : New Look 


This striped, slouchy v-neck is another one of my favourites, I’ve been wearing this so much lately. I came across this jumper in the New Look sale for only £9 which makes this jumper even better. I feel like there aren’t too many jumpers of this style around and I love that it’s a little bit different to everything else in my wardrobe! Just like all the jumpers in this post it is so easy to style and I feel like as this jumper isn’t a thick knitted material it will be perfect on a cool spring day!


Rachel – Jumper 2 : Primark


This has to be one of my favourite jumpers I own! It was around £10 from Primark and I think they now have it on sale. I feel that this jumper looks so much more expensive than it was and considering the price it’s such good quality. I’m in love with everything embroidered so I love the detail on each sleeve. I got it in a few sizes up as I love jumpers to be oversized, I feel that it gives them a really casual look and they’re so comfy.


Lauren – Jumper 3 : H&M


Everyone needs a mustard jumper in their wardrobe! H&M always seem to have super affordable and comfy jumpers in store, I’m a huge fan of their stuff. I love how bold this jumper is and I’m not normally one to wear colour, but for this jumper I’ll make an exception!

I feel like the neck line of this jumper is a little odd so I never really wear it with my hair up. However, I feel like styling it with a choker goes really well so I’ll have to remember that next time I wear it! I’m not sure whether it’s just because I’m small or not, but this jumper has an over-size fit which I personally love! A baggy jumper and skinny jeans is one of my go to outfits for the winter months.


Rachel – Jumper 3 : H&M


Sometimes I just love wearing basic sweatshirts, as they look so casual and are really warm and cosy. This one has a little rainbow embroidered on it and I just think it’s a really nice simple touch! Sweatshirts like this are perfect for when I’m at uni, as I don’t really make too much effort when I go. Instead I can just chuck on a sweatshirt like this, some jeans and some Vans and I’m good to go! As much as I love getting dressed up, it’s sometimes nice to just put on something cosy, especially because I’m going to be sitting around in it all day!


We may only have a few days of January left but we’re sure you’ll need to be wearing jumpers throughout February too! Do you like shoving on a cosy jumper when it’s chilly or do you prefer to layer up with shirts and T-Shirts?! We just love how versatile jumpers can be!


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