Trying Something New: Natural Deodorants from Earth Conscious*


When we first started our blog we always said we’d try as many new things as possible. Now we know deodorant isn’t something that is really all that exciting, but when Earth Conscious contacted us we were really intrigued about their products. We’ve always known that there are alternatives to aerosol deodorants but have never thought to purchase any, purely because we didn’t know if they were effective or not. When you’re living a hectic lifestyle and you’re relatively active, you want a deodorant that works really well to prevent you from smelling and sweating! That being said, after looking through the Earth Conscious website we thought “why not give it a go?!”. They were kind enough to send us 2 of their natural deodorants so we put them to the test and here’s what we think!


The Earth Conscious natural deodorants come in a tin in a solid form, a bit like coconut oil. You simply rub the deodorant with your finger tips and apply it to your under arm, pretty simple right?! Admittedly it takes some getting used to at first, but you do begin to notice how moisturised it makes your skin feel. The deodorants are priced at £5 a tin, which we think is great value for money as you’re getting a lot of product in the tin and we feel like they would last a long time.

Everyone’s body is different, some of us sweat a lot naturally and others don’t at all. Personally we felt that these deodorants didn’t stop us sweating, although Earth Conscious say their products ‘don’t stop the body from sweating but instead tackle body odour through its antibacterial nature’. Due to this we did find that we didn’t smell bad, which is always what you want from a deodorant! The deodorants we received are Lavender and Tropical. They both have natural and subtle scents, which aren’t overpowering at all. However, due to the scents being quite subtle, we did find ourselves having to re-apply the deodorants once during the day as the scent had worn off. This may just be us though, as we’re worriers and don’t like the thought of smelling bad!

Out of the two deodorants we were sent, we much preferred the scent of the Lavender compared to the Tropical. We’re fans of anything lavender scented as it’s so natural and sweet and the Earth Conscious Lavender deodorant didn’t disappoint! Personally we probably wouldn’t buy the Tropical scented deodorant ourselves as it is a very unusual sweet scent, but this is just our personal preference!!


The thing that stood out to us the most when we looked into Earth Conscious was how much the founders, Angela and Elly care for the environment. Their mission is to create products that make as little impact on the earth as possible, by using all natural organic ingredients that will not harm wildlife, marine life or plants once washed off. Their products are all packaged in recyclable, eco friendly packaging and none of their deodorants are tested on animals. On top of all this, they believe using 100% natural deodorants can benefit your health, since unlike the usual antiperspirant deodorant, the natural deodorants do not contain any aluminium or parabens which have shockingly been linked to breast cancer.

Earth Conscious sell a range of their natural products in scents such as citrus, mint and lavender and all of their deodorants are cruelty-free, antibacterial and free from chemicals. Their lavender deodorant is even suitable for vegans, so nobody is left out!

Using the Earth Conscious deodorants have personally made us think about the products we are using and the effects they could have on our bodies.We think it will be a while until we fully make the switch, but knowing Earth Conscious are there for when we do it is a relief!


*This is a collaboration with Earth Conscious and all opinions are ours.

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