LUSH HAUL – Christmas & Halloween 2016


It’s been a while since we’ve had a Lush Haul up on the blog for you guys so we’re super happy to be posting this! We’ve been so excited for the Halloween and Christmas launches, as soon as the products came out we had to rush to our local Lush store pronto! But can we just take a second to process the fact that it’s that time of year all ready and Christmas is creeping up on us, yikes!!! Anyway, unfortunately we were unable to find some of the bits we wanted and we didn’t actually need a lot of the Christmas stuff (Yup, we still have tonnes of stuff from last year like Snow Fairy and Rose Jam), hence why loads is missing. Therefore, this haul isn’t as big as last year’s but we’re really happy with the bits we managed to purchase! We may even update the post if we manage to find the other products that our local store didn’t have. Anyway, let’s get on with it!


Autumn Leaf – £3.75 :

We were really excited when we saw the Autumn Leaf bath bomb. After all, nothing says Autumn like crispy leaves, which is exactly what we thought of when we saw this product! The colours are so Autumnal and we’ve seen how it makes such a calming array of patterns in the bath as soon as you put it in the water. Nothing is better than getting in the bath in the evening when the weather starts to get colder and Autumn Leaf seems like the perfect bath bomb to use now the summer has gone!

Lord Of Misrule Shower Cream – £4.95 100g :

LOM shower cream is basically Autumn in a bottle for us! We love the scent and we’ve been so excited for both the shower cream and the bath bomb to return. The colour and smell really stand out and this is something that we’d never normally go for, we love fruity scents but they remind us more of Summer. We can’t describe it but LOM is just perfect for Autumn and winter and the bright green colour and strong smokey scent remind us of Halloween.

Goth Fairy Shimmer Bar- £5.50 :

We absolutely adore this product for 3 reasons. One being that it is in the shape of a really cute but gothy fairy, another is because it leaves your skin looking bright and glittery and the main reason is because it has the Space Girl scent! If you’re new to Lush you might not have used the Space Girl bath bomb as it got discontinued. It was one of our favourites and we haven’t managed to grab any when it’s been on the Kitchen, so it’s great to have a product that shares the same scent. We love the name of this product and we think it’s great for Halloween! For anyone going to a Halloween party, this would be perfect to use to add a bit of shimmer to your skin and get you glowing like a vampire!

Lord Of Misrule Bath Bomb £3.95 :

If you like the smell of the LOM shower cream then we’re telling you that you NEED to purchase the bath bomb. This bath bomb leaves the most beautiful patterns in your bath and in case you didn’t know (SPOILER ALERT) it leaves your bath a deep red wine colour. Bath time just got a little more spooky with this beauty and it’s completely different to any other Lush bath bomb you’ve ever tried! This bath bomb just defines Halloween for us and it’s one of our favourites!


Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub – £5.75 :

Lip scrubs are some of our favourite products from Lush. Last year we bought Santa’s Lip Scrub (now Santa Baby) and it still hasn’t run out! The lip scrubs last ages and they’re great for preparing your lips before applying a lipstick. This one has to be our favourite one yet, as it has the comforter scent. We love the purple colour too and it has a sweet taste of blackcurrant!

Northern Lights – £4.25 :

Northern Lights was first out before we were really into Lush, meaning we missed out on trying it before hand! It’s now been redesigned into a smaller shape as it had quite a fragile design which lead to it breaking easily. The beautiful purple colour is what really drew us to Northern Lights. We’ve seen how it looks in the bath and it creates swirls of yellow, blue and purple, making it look like the northern lights! In the shop we couldn’t really decide if we liked the scent or not as all the smells all blend into one. Since then we’ve come to the realise that this product has a slightly floral scent as it has ylang ylang oil and jasmine absolute in it. It’s a really calming bath bomb because of the smell and the patterns it makes in the water.

Star Dust – £2.95 :

In our opinion Star Dust is one of the best bath bombs as it is a great value for money! This year’s design is a lot thicker, which means it’s a lot less crumbly in comparison to last year’s. The vanilla scent is so strong and this goes so well with any bath bomb. Last year we found that it went especially nicely with blackberry bath bomb and it leaves stars swirling around the water once it’s all fizzed away. We’ll be sure to go back to Lush so we can buy a load more of these!


Snowie Bubble Bar – £4.25 :

We’ve got a lot of love for the Frozen scent, so when we realised Snowie shares the same scent we HAD to get one! The design is super cute and we believe it is in honour of the late David Bowie which is a really lovely touch. Compared to other bubble bars of the same size it is a little more expensive, however the smell of this product makes it worth it! The Frozen scent is unusual as it is fruity but almost “woody” at the same time, it’s one that you either love or hate and you definitely need to try it for yourself.

So White Bath Bomb – £3.75 :

So White looks a little different this year as it is actually apple shaped! This bath bomb has the most amazing fresh apple scent. It’s sweet but not a sickly sweet and it literally just smells like fresh apples, none of that horrible artificial stuff! It may look like a plain white bath bomb, but from what we’ve seen this year’s So White makes the most beautiful yellow and blue colours in the bath. This makes a big change from the old design as it was simply a white bath bomb that turned the water pink.

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar – £2.95 :

A Christmas must have for us is Candy Mountain bubble bar. It’s incredibly cheap for the amount of product you get and it shares it’s scent with snow fairy! For those new to Lush, the Snow Fairy scent is a very sweet smell, almost like candy floss. To us it is basically the creamy candy bubble bar scent but much, much sweeter. This bubble bar is such a simple but pretty design with lots of shimmer and it’s one of our favourites!


Bubbly Shower Gel – £9.50 200g :

Lush shower gels are some of our favourites and Bubbly does not disappoint! It has the most amazing orange scent, like fanta! We were super eager to use this product straight away so we’ve both tried this product and it lathers up so well. If you’re not into strong citrus scents then this shower gel probably isn’t for you but we adore it! In fact, we’re probably going to need another bottle or two to last us!

Ruby Red Slippers Bubble Bar – £3.95:

We were both undecided about this product at first as it is a very different bubble bar to what we’re used to. It’s one of those that you grow to love though, so Rachel had to get one! It is in the shape of a ruby slipper (duh) and we love The Wizard of Oz so a Lush product inspired by it is a must have. The bubble bar to us smells so Christmassy and is a mixture of cinnamon, spice and cola. However, it actually has rose absolute and tangerine oil in it which we’re quite shocked at! Another thing we like about this one is how glittery it is, although the glitter is thick compared to the likes of Sunnyside and it doesn’t get everywhere, which is a bonus.

Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb – £4.25:

We have no words for how good this new bath bomb smells! It’s just so strong and citrus-y due to the lime oil and orange oil in it and it reminds us of those fruit salad sweets you used to be able to get! The colours are so vibrant, but being honest they actually remind us more of Summer than Christmas! We’ve seen some really cool bath art made by this bath bomb so we’re so excited to use our ones. It’s part bath oil too which means it’ll be really moisturising. We’re actually not huge fans of bath oils but we couldn’t resist getting this bath bomb purely because of the scent!

So here’s our Halloween/Christmas Lush haul for you! We’re hoping to go back and pick up the other bits we want really soon. If there is anything you’ve tried that you think we’d love please let us know!


6 thoughts on “LUSH HAUL – Christmas & Halloween 2016

  1. At the moment I just picked up all the Autumn stuff so am patiently waiting until it get’s closer to Christmas to buy all the xmas stuff but Ruby slippers will 100% be in my basket (I’m obsessed with anything cinnamon)! I loved Autumn leaf especially because it’s something Lush hasn’t really done before, at first I wasn’t sure of the scent but it’s definitely growing on me! xx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Great haul! I popped into my local Lush recently, too, to pick up some Halloween and Christmas bits. I wasn’t sure on the smell of Never Mind the Ballistics bath bomb, but I picked it up to try anyway! Haha. x


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