Back to University – Stationery Haul


It’s that time of year again where everybody is either returning to university or college or starting it! With every year comes the joy of buying a tonne of new stationery. Is it sad that we get incredibly excited over buying pens and notepads? Probably, but to us there’s nothing better than pretty stationery and it actually makes us want to do our work or revision more. The majority of this haul was purchased from local Supermarkets so there’s nothing overly amazing but as students you wanna keep it cheap and cheerful! Everyone loves showing off the stationery they picked up so we thought we’d show everyone too. If you’re going back later than us then hopefully you may be able to find some of the stuff we got for yourself!

NOTEPADS & FOLDERSuni-stationery-haul-3

Pukka Notepad – £2.50 (Asda)

We really tried to keep it cheap and simple with our stationery this year so we both began by buying one of these. Everyone knows Pukka is one of the best brands around for notebooks. The quality of the paper is great and we don’t know about you, but we find it horrible to write on that really thin, cheap paper. For £2.50 it was well worth buying this notepad, even if it’s just used as a back up one, because you never know when you’re going to need it!

‘Do What You Love’ Display Folder – £1.50 (Tesco)

Keeping all of your handouts organised is a must at university! This display folder is perfect as it has 20 pockets and was only £1.50. The pattern on the front is really bright which means you can find it easily in your backpack.


Floral Notepad – £3.00 (Tesco)

So we did say we were keeping it simple but then we came across two pretty notepads from Tesco. This one is Rachel’s and the design is simplistic but so pretty with the little flower patterns. The only issue I have is the paper feels slightly thinner than the Pukka notepad and the front and back cover pages are a very thin card, meaning it is probably going to get bent up in my bag!

‘Do What You Love’ Notepad – £4.00 (Tesco)

Who doesn’t love pretty notepads that are reduced?! This pretty floral, quote notepad was reduced in Tesco to £4 so I (Lauren) had to have it! It has the same quote as the display folder and let’s face it everyone loves matching stationery! The only bad thing is that the dividers aren’t removable. Other than that, the paper is lovely so I’m super happy with this purchase!


Zebra – £1.00 (Wilko) 

We couldn’t believe it when we saw these Zebra pens for just £1 in Wilko! There are 5 different colours and we’re loving the purple in particular. Using coloured pens to write your notes in makes your paper a little bit nicer to look at and we find it helps us remember things easier.

Paper Mate InkJoy – £3.00 (Tesco)

Staying with the coloured pen theme, we also got some Paper Mate ballpoint pens. You get 8 in a pack and an assortment of colours. These sort of pens are great to use when you’re creating mind maps as you can use them to colour code!

Bic Biros – £2.50 (Asda)

An essential when you’re back at university, college or even school is some simple biro pens. We each got a pack of 10 black ones to take to uni with us. You can never have too many black biros as you always end up losing loads or they run out of ink!

PENCIL CASESUni-Stationery-Haul-6.jpg

Holographic pencil case – £3.99 (H&M)

You always need somewhere cool to store your pens so a pencil case is vital for us when it comes to stationery shopping! We searched everywhere for pretty pencil case that wasn’t too expensive or too “out there”, you want to try and stay grown up with your stationery for uni! We eventually found this in H&M and we both got one. We love anything holographic so this is perfect for us! We’re not sure if it was made for pencils or makeup but we guess it could be used for both which is cool. It’s not the biggest pencil case but we like that as we don’t need much stationery and it fits in our backpacks easily!


We can’t believe how much pretty stationery was on sale in all the different shops this year. Our favourite things we go out of everything has got to be the pencil cases, they have such lovely colours on them and we’re obsessed with holographic patterns lately! Please note that the price/availability of some of these products may have changed since we purchased them, but hopefully you might be able to find a few of these bits yourselves. We hope anybody returning or starting uni, college or school has a great time and it isn’t too much stress for you!

lauren and rachel.jpg

3 thoughts on “Back to University – Stationery Haul

  1. I honestly don’t really need any stationery, but if I had more, I would force myself to use them (or not if they’re really really pretty hahaha!). But I do run bookstagram account, and they would even make such pretty additions to my photos!! Love this post 🙂

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