FESTIVAL FEAR!: Why We’ve Never Been to a Festival and Probably Never Will!

Festival-blog-post-Festival season is basically over now, but watching TV coverage has really got us thinking. We’ve always loved music and attending gigs, but we’re yet to go to a festival and we probably never will go to one. From about 2008 (when we both started to get really into the rock genre) we always said we couldn’t wait to go to Reading one day. Since then, our opinion on attending festivals has completely changed and although it would be amazing to see loads of our favourite bands in one place, we have a few reasons why festivals just aren’t for us!

For a lot of people, attending a festival is a way for them to get away and have a laugh with their friends, in some cases it can even be to celebrate grades. A lot of people love the camping aspect and many people we know personally love going for a good drink. There’s nothing wrong with going to festivals for any of these reasons and it’s great that people go and have such a lovely time. For us on the other hand, this isn’t the sort of environment we like to be around, in fact, it creates a lot of anxiety in some circumstances and here’s why:


For both of us we hate not having a lot of room, especially when you’re not around people you know. It appears to us that the closer you want to get to the stage, the less room you have. You’re surrounded by so many people that if you need to quickly have a wee you’ll struggle to get out and then lose your place. We just don’t do too well with crowds if we’re being honest, they freak us out!


Now mosh pits are bad enough for us when we’re at a gig, imagine that in a huge field where you have nowhere to escape to, not fun right?! The thought of ‘what if there’s a mosh pit’ always gets into our heads before and during gigs which can often ruin it for us. Therefore the thought of multiple, bigger pits really does scare us. We completely get that some people enjoy them and that’s cool but count us out! The thought of being pushed and crushed and potentially punched is something that creates this huge sense of anxiety for us.


For us, heavy drinking and drugs have never been something that we’ve been interested in. Now we’re not saying every festival goer does these things, but a lot of people do and for us being sober around these people is a little scary.


Personal hygiene is a big deal to both of us, so the thought of not being able to wash properly for a few days is a no go. There’s only so much dry shampoo we can use to tame a greasy mane, then it gets to the point where we can’t bare it anymore and a shower is the only option!


There are SO many people in attendance at festivals that it seems it would be really easily to lose the people you’re with. Another thing that can be a little worrying is the fact that you have to keep your belongings on you or in your tent. We’re pretty sure we’d lose or break something valuable!


Some of the points we’ve made may not be anything like what happens at a festival at all. However, from what we’ve seen on people’s snapchats and TV coverage this is the perception we have! The main reason we wanted to share this post with you is because a lot of people may be thinking the same but they’re embarrassed to admit it incase their friends think they’re being ‘stupid’ over ‘nothing’. It’s perfectly fine to not want to go to festivals, just because a lot of people love them doesn’t mean everyone has too! We know that a lot of people say you should face your anxiety head on, but we personally feel like we’d rather go to a gig as it’s only a few hours of anxiety compared to a whole weekend!


5 thoughts on “FESTIVAL FEAR!: Why We’ve Never Been to a Festival and Probably Never Will!

  1. Totally agree – music festivals can be scary! In saying that I have been to four now, two being 1 day events and the others being 3-5 days long. I’ve only ever gone as a volunteer with an organisation which was great because a lot of my friends came along. I don’t mind the 1 day festivals because it means you don’t HAVE to camp and can go home after.
    Personally I am not the biggest fan 3-5 day long festivals for the exact reasons why you are scared of them! Haha. I haaate camping so it’s always a massive challenge. I think as long as you have a big group of friends going it makes it a lot more bearable.

    My advice for you would be to purchase a one-day ticket so you can get a feel for it 🙂 They are a great way of seeing favourite bands and discovering new music.

    Holly x | http://www.thechroniclesofholly.com/


  2. You make some fair points! A lot of big festivals like Download and R&L have lockers that you can book for the whole time you’re there and keep your belongings in though in a gated bit and they’re really secure. Also the showers at Download are amazing! As for mosh pits, the people in them are lovely – they’ll help you get out and if someone knocks you down everyone will stop and help you up :’) xx

    Kimberley // thecolourchronicles.com


    • Oh we never really knew there were lockers! That makes us feel a little better! As for mosh pits, whenever we’ve been around them the people haven’t been that nice. Maybe they aren’t as bad at festivals as they are at gigs! x


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