Boyfriends Do Our Makeup!


For a while now the boyfriends have been begging us to have their blog debut! When we started making YouTube videos we thought a ‘Boyfriends Do Our Makeup’ video would be great. It allows anyone who watches our videos/reads our blog to get to know our personalities more, as well as introducing our boyfriends! As you can tell from the image above we were pretty unimpressed with the looks the boys gave us. That being said, it was so much fun to record and watching it back is hilarious for us!

We tried to make sure that any products used in this video were named for you guys! Also, if any products used in this video are not cruelty free, we purchased them before we made the decision to go cruelty free, just to let you know!

Apologies that the video is quite jumpy, choppy and a little bit awkward! It was quite hard filming with 4 people and trying not to talk over each other, plus we found it quite awkward talking to the camera in front of our boyfriends! But we hope you enjoyed watching this video and it gave you some entertainment! Who do you think did a better job? Darren or Joe? Let us know, they love a bit of friendly competition so perhaps we can start a series on our channel where we compete against each other! If you have any suggestions of videos you’d like to see us make in the future, please leave us a comment!


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