Holiday Blues – Our week away!


If you follow us on social media, you might know that we recently went away for a week with our boyfriends. It was a really exciting time for us as it was our first ever holiday without our parents. Being away on our own really proved just how independent we can be when needed which surprised us both! We both love travelling to different places in England as there are SO many amazing sites to see here. We decided to head off to Lincolnshire for the week as it wasn’t too expensive (we’re saving the pennies for America next year!) and we’d never visited before! We thought it’d be cool to show you what we got up to and this post has been meaning to go up for a little while now, but just thinking about our time away made us miss it! But here it finally is, a little post to show you how much fun we had!

Visiting anywhere with animals is a must for us lot, so whilst staying in Lincolnshire we made sure to visit a wildlife park as well as a seal sanctuary. Not only that but we travelled to Lincoln for some shopping  and even had a walk along Skegness beach, which is absolutely beautiful! We were proper tourists, taking photos of everywhere we went and of course lots of selfies! Lincoln is a beautiful town with a stunning Cathedral and there was so much to see there. We also stopped off for Lunch in a pub called The Green Dragon, which served amazing food and huge portions!


Skegness had to be one of our favourite places we went to that week. We went to Natureland, which is a seal sanctuary with other animals such as meerkats, sheep and penguins! They rescue wounded seals, heal them up and then release them. We got to see some adorable baby seals, some who were injured and rescued a few days before and others that were soon to be released! We also found an adventure golf course and went for a beautiful walk along the beach that day, which was great fun. The sound of the sea was so refreshing and we got to walk across a beach that’s actually sandy, which was a bonus since our nearest beach is full of stones!


Whilst at Natureland we also got to feed some sheep and of course it was a brilliant opportunity for a selfie! What a photogenic sheep!


Rachel also used any opportunity to get her camera out and take some photos of the animals we saw. All of the animals we saw were such characters, especially the Otter photographed above! There were two adorable otters at Woodside Wildlife Park, which we were able to feed meal worms to. They were so friendly and incredibly beautiful, if only we could have a pet Otter! They also had a sloth there which was so cute too! Who doesn’t love sloths??


Overall we had a lovely time away in Lincolnshire, in fact we really didn’t want to come home! We already can’t wait to get away again. It’s just so nice to feel a bit more adult, and prove you can actually fend for yourself!


4 thoughts on “Holiday Blues – Our week away!

  1. This is a lovely post! It sounds like you had an awesome time! My family & I went on holiday to Skegness when I was younger and I had a fantastic time, loved visiting a seal sanctuary there. Wow, your photography is wonderful, especially the bee photo! 🙂

    Sarah | Raiin Monkey

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