A Trip to Menchies Frozen Yoghurt Shop at Intu Lakeside!


We all love a sweet treat and now that we’re in Summer, what’s better than a pot of frozen yoghurt to cool you down? Recently a new frozen yoghurt shop opened up in Intu Lakeside’s food court, Menchies! The company  originates from the USA and was founded in 2007. As it stands this is currently the first Menchies in Europe. We’d seen a lot of excitement about the store opening and couldn’t wait to take a trip there! So as you can imagine, when we were invited to go down to the store to try it for ourselves, we were ecstatic!


Upon arrival we were greeted by Sunny who was extremely friendly and knowledgeable. He gave us lots of information about the company, showed us how everything worked and even gave us a look at where all the frozen yoghurt is made. We were then able to try the different flavours of frozen yoghurt they had to offer! The good thing about Menchies is that it is all self service, which allows you to get as much froyo as you like!  You pay by the weight of the cup so obviously the more yoghut and toppings you have the more it’ll weigh and therefore cost! The current cost per 100g is £2.40 although it did say this was an introductory offer.


Menchies offer a wide range of flavours from vanilla to mango and even pistachio. For us it was hard to choose a favourite but in the end Lauren decided her favourite was cookies & cream whilst Rachel’s was dreamy dulce de leche (which tasted like frudge)! Sunny also informed us that at certain points in the year special flavours will be in store. For example, during the Halloween period pumpkin pie froyo will be available and candy cane at Christmas! How exciting is that?!


Once you’ve filled your cup with the amount of frozen yoghurt you want, you can choose from tonnes of delicious toppings. The toppings include fresh fruit, waffle pieces, various types of chocolate and even jelly sweets! If that’s not enough for you there are even strawberry, chocolate and toffee sauces to finish off your frozen yoghurt cup!


One thing that we always want to stand out whenever we visit a restaurant or a shop is the interior. Menchies didn’t disappoint, as the interior was so bright and welcoming and the seats were really comfy. They even have a cute chalk board on the wall, which the children can draw on when they come in! We also saw a notice that says they do parties in store, which seems like a really interesting and unique concept to us. We wouldn’t normally associate a food outlet with parties these days, but if you’re like us you may remember the good old McDonald’s parties back in the day!! Another unusual thing we noticed whilst in Menchies was that they sell items such as lip balms and pencils at the till. We thought that this was a really cute idea especially if you are going to Menchies with kids!


Overall we had a lovely experience at Menchies! The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and welcoming and the froyo is delicious! If you’re visiting Intu Lakeside make sure you pop down and give them a visit. It was really good to try something different and it’s nice to have something unique like Menchies at the shopping centre.


Thank you to the guys at Menchies and Voice Communications for letting us try something new! We also got these cute little goody bags which we’re so grateful for. If you’re from around here and give Menchies a try yourself, let us know what you think!


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