Disney Princess Inspired Outfits


As you all must know by now, we’re huge Disney fans! A few months back we booked up a trip to go to Disney World in Florida next year and it inspired us to write a Disney themed post. There’s nothing we love to write more than fashion posts so we thought we’d put the two together. As little girls we always wanted to be Disney Princesses so we decided it would be fun to each put together an everyday outfit inspired by our favourite Princess!

Lauren – Belle IMG_2985.jpgIMG_3099IMG_3098

Ever since I was a little girl Belle has been my most favourite princess. I’ve watched Beauty and the Beast so many times, I’ve lost count! As a child I remember having the golden gown Belle wears when she dances with the Beast. I wore that dress so many times, it probably had holes in it by the time I grew out of it! So anyway, getting back to the point of the post; when we had the idea for this post Belle obviously popped into my head!


I had no idea how I would create the icon Belle look with the golden off the shoulder dress, gloves and beautiful flowing hair! For that reason I decided to try and re create the ‘peasant Belle’ look, one that is a lot more simple! I decided to wear a white shirt from H&M under my Boohoo pinafore. Belle is well known for wearing her hair in a low ponytail with a big blue bow. As I wanted to give this outfit my own twist, I decided to go for a half up, half down look with a piece of blue ribbon. I thought that using a piece of ribbon would be less ‘in your face’ and more my style.


Rachel – RapunzelIMG_3125IMG_3131IMG_3133

Rapunzel took over from Cinderella as my favourite Disney Princess straight after I watched ‘Tangled’ when it was released in 2010. I don’t know whether it’s her cute purple dress, her long magical hair, her adorable sidekick, Pascal, or even just the film itself that makes me love her! Also, she isn’t your usual vulnerable Disney princess who needs a prince to save her, she goes out through her own choice and follows her dream (cliche but you go Rapunzel!).


Rapunzel only wears one style of dress throughout the film, so unless I want to go out wearing a proper gown it was pretty hard to come up with an everyday outfit! This was as close as I got but I think the skirt makes up for everything. I got this in Forever 21 and I just love the long lace style and the colour is lovely. I couldn’t find a top that would go with it or look like what Rapunzel would wear, so I just threw on this cut out shoulder top and I’ll just say I’m giving her a more of a modern “grunge” look yeah? To me, Rapunzel looks the prettiest when her long hair is braided with flowers in it, so I put a few in my hair too just to complete the look!


We really hope you enjoyed reading this post, it was something a bit different for us. We’d love to do another post like this so if you have any princesses you’d like to see us try to create an everyday look for let us know in the comments!


12 thoughts on “Disney Princess Inspired Outfits

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  2. That skirt is absolutely beautiful, Rachel! Also loving Lauren’s Belle look, I have a similar dress that I’ve been considering doing a Belle outfit with before, but I guess you beat me to it 😛 x


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