Easter Nest Surprise Cakes!


So Easter is just around the corner (well it’s technically tomorrow right?!) and it’s become a bit of a tradition for us to bake something to celebrate. Last year we played it safe and posted about some super simple chocolate nest cakes that we made. This year we decided to step it up just a little bit and bake something even better. Now it’s obvious we aren’t pro bakers, so if for you baking is just a bit of fun, why not try these this Easter?


We started out by baking some basic vanilla cupcakes. You can find loads of recipes for these on-line and we’re pretty sure every recipe book will have a cupcake recipe! Once they had baked and cooled, we cut out a circle in the middle and filled it up with mini chocolate eggs. We then covered it with the piece of cake that we removed.

To decorate we made some butter cream icing (again, this is super easy and there are recipes everywhere for this) and split the mixture in two. In one half we added a few drops of purple food dye and in the other we added some pink food dye. We mixed it in until we got a light pastel colour. After all, Easter is all about pastel colours right!


We swirled the icing on top of the cupcakes with a piping bag, then we decorated them by sprinkling on broken up bits of Flake chocolate to look like a nest. We added a little chick on top (these remind us of the Easter bonnet competitions when we were younger) and a few more eggs, then finished the cupcakes with some cute Easter sprinkles that we found in Asda!

We think these cupcakes pretty much sum up Easter and as they’re so easy to make, why not give them a go?! We’d love to see other people’s take on Easter cupcakes so be sure to show us your creations!


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