Winter Fashion|Collab on Shy Life Living


As you may have seen, we recently teamed up with our blogger friend Sophie for a collaboration on our blog. We’ve also had the pleasure of writing a post together over on her blog where we put together a few casual outfits for winter!


Here are a few more photos of our outfits, make sure you go and have a read of the post to see the whole outfit!


Not only was this the first time we had collaborated with another blogger, but it was also our first time going outside to take fashion pictures! We finally braved it and went to one of our local parks where we explored for a bit then found the perfect spot to take our fashion photos! It was also just our luck that it was raining, which meant covering our heads and the camera with scarves and running all the way back to Lauren’s car once it started to rain heavily!


We really enjoyed collaborating with Sophie. Not only is she lovely to talk to but her blog is amazing, it was a pleasure to have her write on our blog and we’re grateful she wanted us to write on hers! Make sure you go check out our collab over on her blog where you can find full details about our outfits!


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