LUSH Yoga Bomb | Review


We are huge fans of the bath bombs that Lush released in the Summer! One we have both recently used is Yoga Bomb, which we first saw at a Lush event we went to in August! Out of the 4 bath bombs from the Summer range we were both super excited to use Yoga Bomb as we love the smell and the demo looked really cool.


The scent of this bath bomb is so hard to explain, we sat for ages trying to think of the best way to describe it. The scent is sweet and fruity but woody and almost floral at the same time. That probably makes no sense but it smells of all these different things. When you next go into Lush make sure you pick it up and smell for yourself, I’m pretty sure most people will love it! It is quite a basic design but the smell really makes up for this!


After Yoga Bomb is put in the bath it suddenly expands creating this weird shape that reminded us of a Jellyfish or the sun. White and orange foam disperses and begins to change the colour of the water gradually. Unfortunately for a while after this not a lot happens, we know this is supposed to be a calming experience but we honestly did find it a little drawn out and we hate to say it but boring! There was no fizzing or whizzing, it basically just expanded!



Looking back at the photos it’s clear that Yoga Bomb made some beautiful patterns in the water. We do feel like we may have overlooked this as we were waiting for something surprising and exciting to happen! It is a bath bomb that takes a very long time to dissolve! Nevertheless it did create some pretty patterns, they remind us of a Solero Ice Cream!

As with all Lush bath bombs the water felt silky and leaves your skin feeling soft as usual! The scent also stays on your skin for hours which leaves you with that clean feeling. Glitter seems to be a reoccurring thing with the new Lush bath bombs and Yoga Bomb doesn’t disappoint when it comes to this. The bath is left full of shimmery sparkles that make you feel like a mermaid!


We were told at the event that Yoga Bomb lasts for around 15 minutes. The demo we were given also showed lots of swirls of green and purple coming out of the bath bomb. Unfortunately for both of us this didn’t happen until right at the end and it could barely be seen (as you can see in the photo of Lauren’s above!). But we think this has something to do with our bath! Our bath bombs never float around and make as much colour as other people’s do.


We have to say that overall we were a little disappointed with Yoga Bomb. However, we probably would give it another go because the smell is beautiful and really unique! Have any of you used Yoga Bomb before? If so what was your experience like?!


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