Lush Summer Product Launch | Blogger Event

So on Sunday we attended our first blogger event at our local Lush store. If you’ve read our blog in the past you’ll know how much we love their products, so we were so excited to go! The event was to show the new products that have arrived in the store from Lush Oxford Street. Our local store has around 30 of the new products. A warning to you all, this is going to be pretty photo heavy as there are so many new amazing products to talk about!

On arrival we were super nervous but after being greeted by the smiles of Lush’s lovely staff, we soon felt calmer. Every staff member is so passionate about each product and it’s so lovely to see that! Lillian and Guy briefed us on all of the new products which included new bath bombs, solid body scrubs, soaps and more. They started off with our personal favourites: bath bombs and bubble bars!

Bath Bombs:

Each of the bath bombs were passed around so that we could smell them and admire the designs. The new bath bombs are priced at £3.95 each and our favourites have got to be Intergalactic and Yoga Bomb. That being said, we couldn’t resist taking home all of them! One thing we have noticed is that these bath bombs smell a little different to how you’d expect. The scent of each is hard to explain but as opposed to the usual fruity smells, we feel they are more smokey/earthy. The photos below show each bath bomb in action and just look at how pretty they make the water look!



The Experimenter 

Yoga Bomb

Bubble Bars:

Some of our favourite products of all time have to be bubble bars as we love the fact that we can get multiple uses out of them! Our local store has three new bars, again we got to smell these and see them in action. Each made the water super bubbly! What’s really cool about Pink Flamingo is the fact that it’s reusable so you don’t have to worry about crumbling it up. Out of the three bars Pink Flamingo really stood out not only because of the shape and bright colour, but also because of the smell. Unlike some of the new products it’s really fruity and we’d say it smells the best out of all the new products we were shown.

Milky Bath 

Pink Flamingo (Reusable) 

Granny Takes A Dip 

Shower Products:

We were also shown a range of shower products which included a Refresher shower jelly, Beautiful shower gel and Comforter and Yuzu and Cocoa shower creams. As Lillian gave us a demo of the shower creams we noticed they looked a little like paint due to the bright colours and consistency. Out of all these products the Comforter shower cream was our favourite, although we feel it doesn’t smell that much like the bubble bar. The scent reminded us more of blackcurrant cough syrup but hey, we aren’t complaining we like that smell!

Solid Body Scrubs:

Lillian and Guy passed around the two new body scrubs, The Rough With The Smooth and Rub Rub Rub. We’ve always wanted to try Rub Rub Rub shower scrub and now that it is in a solid form we feel it could last a lot longer! You know we love a re-usable product! They did a demo on somebody’s arm for us to see how well the body scrubs exfoliate the skin.  We were really impressed and loved the scent of both of them! They also showed us Life’s A Beach, the new shower scrub. We liked the concept although it did remind us of brown sugar!

Body, Hands and Feet: 

Now onto the products that we never usually go for; face masks, moisturiers and hand/foot lotions. Our favourite product from this section had to be Cup O’ Coffee which is a face and body mask pictured below. We’re not coffee drinkers but the smell is amazing, it smells like you’ve just walked into Starbucks. Unfortunately we didn’t take this home with us but we will definitely be purchasing it when we’re in store again, we’re a little in love. We were also shown a solid hand mask that you melt down and use when warm called Golden Handshake. Another product we were pretty impressed with was the Pumice Power, a foot soap that you use to exfoliate your feet. It also smelt really fruity and you could smell the strong scent of orange.


They also revealed a large range of new soaps which included Apandapand, Outback Mate, Maypole, Respect Your Elders, Serendipity, Layer Cake and Devil’s Nightcap. They all had very different scents and designs which makes them all really stand out! Some of our favourites were Layer Cake as it smells of wine gums, Maypole as it reminded us of a stick of rock, Serendipity as it had a soothing lavender scent and Apandapand as it smelt really fruity!

Our Goodies:

Towards the end of the event, we were all paired with a different member of staff who helped us to choose three free products. We were paired with Sophie who was really helpful and helped us to actually make our decision a lot quicker! Lauren chose the Yoga Bomb bath bomb, Granny Takes A Dip bubble bar and the Layer Cake soap. Rachel picked the Intergalactic bath bomb, Pink Flamingo bubble bar and the Apandapand soap. We seriously cannot wait to use these products!

We also treated ourselves to some of the other exclusives. Lauren bought the Milky Bath bubble bar and and the Experimenter bath bomb. Rachel got the Rub Rub Rub body scrub and the Frozen bath bomb. No doubt we’ll be heading back soon to buy some more bits!

We’re so grateful that we were able to attend this event and meet some lovely people. Thanks again to everyone at our local Lush, especially Guy and Lillian for being so helpful and lovely. The generous goodie bags were just a bonus and the samples they threw in made them even better! The team have made us even more excited to head to Lush Oxford Street on Thursday!



37 thoughts on “Lush Summer Product Launch | Blogger Event

  1. So glad you had a great time, sounds like such a lovely event! Love the freebies and bit you bought! Can’t wait to see all the reviews in time 🙂 xxx


  2. Glad you had a nice time! If you enjoy using the solid Rub Rub Rub you should definitely look into the other one in the tub, I bought a big tub about a year ago, use it once a week and haven’t run out yet!


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  5. Lush products are just so . . . Lush!!! Great post and great choice of products! I have used so many of the intergalactic! The one I can’t really get my head around is the Yoga Bomb it’s just so drawn out!


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