Tried and Tested! | Lush Bubble Bars

So we recently had a Lush bath haul and we’ve since tried out our bubble bars, so of course we thought we’d give you a little bit more info on the products and our opinions after testing them! It was so exciting to try out some new products and it’s safe to say they all smelt and worked as good as they look!

Comforter- Rachel

So first of all, as I mentioned in our previous post the smell is to die for! It’s so fruity and I’m just in love! When I tried this out the water turned as pink as you’d expect from the amazingly vibrant colour of the bubble bar itself! I do find the bar really hard to break though, so instead I use a knife to chop it into little pieces and then crumble it up in the bath! It’s fair to say that a little can go a long way, but if you’re a fan of bubbles then I’d recommend using a bit more! Now when I’m home from college and have tonnes of coursework to do, I find it more convenient to have a quick shower. So as Lauren and I love to try out new things, we decided to see if it was possible to use this in the shower! If you use a little chunk of the bar and sort of rub it together in your hands, it creates a paste that reminds me of a body scrub! Doing this leaves my skin feeling so soft and I know I’ll definitely buy this product again once it’s all gone!

Apologies for the terrible photos, the lighting in our bathroom is awful!

Creamy Candy- Lauren 

In our previous post I mentioned how amazing this bubble bar smells. I think it’s safe to say that it smells just as amazing when it’s being used! I love the fact that it also leaves your skin feeling super soft because of the cocoa butter pieces in it, this means that you can use pieces of the bar that have the butter in and rub them on your skin to make it feel soft! I also loved the fact that this bubble bar turns your bath a cute pink colour (depending on how much you use, I used a small chunk for these pics!). I would say out of the two bars I bought, I prefer the smell of this one as it is a lot sweeter and left my skin feeling softer due to the cocoa butter.

Pop In The Bath- Lauren

Before I start I’s just like to say I used more of the bubble bar than it looks! I crumbled it up so much it looks like there is nothing there. That being said we did find that when using this bubble bar a little can go a long way. Obviously it depends how bubbly you like your baths but as I’m not keen on giant bubbles a small chunk was perfect for me! I have also tried this bubble bar in the shower! I’m not sure if you’re meant to but hey ho! For all the people out there that prefer showers like me, why shouldn’t we have pretty stuff too?! Surprisingly I found that the bubble bar works well for showers if you break a piece off hold it under the water and then rub it in your hands. This makes a kind of lather which you can rub on your body and it leaves your skin feeling so soft! I would say out of the two that this made bubbles quicker than the creamy candy bar.

So there you go, as promised we tested these bubble bars out and let you know what we thought. Out of all three we’d say that the Comforter is probably the best as the smell is stronger, it makes your bath super bright and lasts forever as it is a lot bigger than the other two! Do you have any bubble bar recommendations for us?! Please tweet us if you do we’d love to try some more! See you soon!

– L & R


12 thoughts on “Tried and Tested! | Lush Bubble Bars

  1. I love the Comforter but I don’t often have time for a bath. Your idea to use it as a shower paste is ingenious! Can’t believe I never thought of that.

    Kimberley xx


  2. Great tip on breaking/ chopping the bath bars/bombs! Normally I use it whole and looking back I think I’ve wasted so much!! Ahh life saver or shall I say money saver! Thanks for sharing. Xx


  3. Beautiful photos! I agree – your tip on breaking up the bubble bar is so smart! Usually I just pop the whole thing in..but I guess a little bit can be enough the get that bath all nice and lovely. x


  4. I don’t tend to buy their bubble bars, in fact i’ve only tried a couple of their Christmas ones. After seeing this post i think i definitely need to pick up a couple, especially the Comforter as that looks amazing! Great post xx


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