Meet The Pooch!


So if you follow us on Twitter/Instagram you will know there is a special little lady in our lives! Everybody meet Jessie! 3 years ago (in 2012, so look out for some nice old photos of us!) we got Jessie from a rescue center as her heavily pregnant Mum had been abandoned. We’d spent years convincing our Dad to get a dog and he finally gave in when he saw her beautiful face! Brace yourself for a cuteness overload as we show you some puppy photos!!!



So why the name Jessie? No we weren’t obsessed with the singer Jessie J but she’s actually named after Jessie the cow girl from Toy Story (told you we’re huge Disney fans)! When we picked Jess she was the smallest out of all 9 puppies but now she’s a big strong healthy girl who loves her food (and ours!)! Before getting Jessie, I (Lauren) was so scared of dogs but she’s completely changed me and I’m now so in love, I just want another dog to add to the family!



In case you haven’t guessed already Jessie is a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, a breed of dog that is commonly misjudged. Obviously every breed can be dangerous in the wrong hands, hence why it is important that only loving and caring owners should have a dog. Jessie is the most friendly dog we know, she loves meeting new people/dogs and snoozing on the sofa. We just wanted to put across that not all Staffies are bad and if you treat them right they’ll be loving and loyal to you!


Here she is now! All grown up at 3 years old, a super loyal dog full of character! The photo on the right was taken when Lauren was ill a few months ago and Jessie sat there with her for hours, bless her! Have you got any dogs? If you had a negative opinion on this breed of dog we hope that we have made you think a bit differently!

We’ll be with another post later on this week! No doubt we’ll be tweeting about it on Twitter so make sure you follow us on @tftbblog! Also feel free to tweet us pictures of your pets, we’d love to see them!

– L & R


16 thoughts on “Meet The Pooch!

  1. All dogs are amazing and unique. I love all of ’em! And staffies too… I am so sad when they get judged because I do know too, that they’re loyal and loving dogs and have awesome characters because they’re so playful too!
    I love that you’re rescuing / adopting, because I do that too. Buying an expensive overbred dog is nothing I wanna do in my life. I have rescues too, in fact I just introduced my doggy too 🙂
    If you have a second, take a look :

    Sending hugs to you girls and cuddles to your doggy!



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