Lush Bath Haul – First Impressions! | June 2015

Everybody knows that Lush are well known for their bath products, from bath melts to bubble bars and of course bath bombs, Lush pretty much do it all! In a recent haul we showed you some shampoo bars and shower jellies but what we’ve been wanting to try for ages are bath products! On a recent trip to our local Lush store we came across these beauties and wanted to share our first impressions. We will be discussing these products in depth and reviewing them in future posts, don’t you worry!


Pop in the Bath – Bubble Bar – £2.95 

What instantly drew me to this product was the pretty flower on the top! I’m a sucker for anything cute but the smell, oh my god the smell is gorgeous. Lush state that the ingredients for this product include bergamot, lemon and mandarin, although I thought that it had more of a floral scent. ‘Pop In The Bath’ comes in pink, white, blue and green, I chose white as it was the only one our Lush store had. In future I’d probably go for a brighter colour to make my bath look pretty! I’ve already tried this product, just not in the bath! I wanted to see if it was possible to use in the shower but I shall talk about this in a future post!

Creamy Candy – Bubble Bar – £2.75 

This has to be my favourite out of the two I bought purely because of the smell. When you look on the Lush website they say it has a ‘candy floss’ scent I’d say it’s more sherbet like but perhaps that’s just me! Either way it smells so sweet and yummy as soon as I picked it up I knew it was coming home with me. The creamy candy bar has almond oils and vanilla which creates the gorgeous scent, if you get chance to smell this make sure you do! The bubble bar also has pieces of cocoa butter in (as you can see from this photo) this means that after using the bubble bar your skin will feel amazingly soft. As it’s pink it will also make your water change colour lets face it who doesn’t want cool looking baths?! The good thing about bubble bars is that you can either use the whole bar or cut pieces off and use it multiple times!


The Comforter – Bubble Bar – £4.75 

Everybody talks about the comforter and I usually like to try something different when I try out Lush products. I didn’t actually intend to leave with this but I couldn’t help myself! The smell is really sweet and fruity and it smells a bit like sherbet. It reminds me of that amazing smell of all of the products mixed together as soon as you’re near a Lush shop, which is probably why I love it so much! I also love the colour as it’s so vibrant and I love the pretty white swirls! I think the Lush Kitchen also do this product in the form of a body lotion and a shower gel, which I’d love to try at some point! I can’t wait to use this product but it’s just too pretty to break up!!

Space Girl – Bath Bomb – £2.35

I usually shower but I thought I’d have to try a Lush bath bomb at some point! One reason I chose Space Girl is because it was a lot cheaper than the others and it looks like it’s worth so much more! The colours are so pretty and I love how sparkly it is.The ingredients grapefruit and bergamot oil give the bath bomb it’s really sweet and fruity scent, and one thing that really made me want this is that it has popping candy in it! The shape is also different to the regular spherical bath bombs and for some reason that really attracted me to this?! I love the colour purple so I can’t wait to use this and see how it looks in the water. I’ll definitely be reviewing this at some point soon!

Butterball – Bath Bomb – £2.65

A few weeks ago, I was looking on the Lush website at what bath bombs I could try out and after seeing that the Butterball is meant to be good for dry skin, it really stood out to me. It’s pure white with tiny little chunks of cocoa butter in it, which gives it a really lovely smell. It’s not too overpowering and it reminds me of vanilla! This also means it wil leave your skin feeling really soft which I need right now! It also contains ylang ylang oil, which Lush say is supposed to ‘treat stress and depression, as well as relaxing the nervous system’. Since I’m currently doing my last coursework assignments I’ll make sure to try this out soon!

So that’s all the bath items we bought this time and no doubt we’ll be back to Lush soon! We’re hoping to try these out and write a series of Lush posts to let you guys know how well these products work! So look out for them over the next few weeks! Have you go any Lush favourites?! Feel free to let us know which ones we need to try!

– L & R


13 thoughts on “Lush Bath Haul – First Impressions! | June 2015

  1. This post is perfectly timed – I’m going to Lush on Saturday & now I know what to get! The 1st one sounds right up my street! Lovely post and good luck with your coursework Rachel 🙂 xx


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  3. Ooh i’ve never tried the Space Girl bath bomb, but i have tried Butterball and it is amazing. It smells so good too! I really want to go to Lush now haha!! xx


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