How we style – Drop Dead

Hi everybody! We’ve been huge fans of alternative clothing brands for years now! Drop Dead is one of our favourite brands but their items can be rather pricey (that being said the quality is amazing!). We recently made a few purchases in their sale and since these items probably aren’t available any more, we thought we’d show you how we’d style them!


‘Ugh’ Tank Top

I’ve wanted this top for so long now and since it was in the sale I knew I couldn’t not buy it! I love the colours of the text, they’re my two favourite colours and let’s not forget that the quote on this top is literally me every day! I don’t usually like oversized clothes on me but for some reason I just love the baggy look to this t-shirt! Along with that it has small holes in it and the stitching is quite untidy which I think adds to the ‘grunge’ look. Of course if I bought a top that had holes in it and wasn’t meant to I’d be pretty angry, but since it’s Drop Dead it’s just acceptable okay! I styled this with my cropped denim jacket and I love how it looks with the length of the top!

 Cancel my Life T-shirt

When I first tried this top on I wasn’t really happy with how baggy it is but when I styled it with my ripped jeans and docs I sorta fell in love! It’s so comfy and the design is so cute, slightly depressing, but cute! I guess Drop Dead is kind of known for it’s eccentric designs and this top reminds me of their older designs with the cats with their brains half hanging out, lovely right! I don’t actually own any grey tops so I’m going to say this counts as adding colour to my wardrobe? Probably not.. but I can definitely see myself wearing this a lot in winter/autumn!


Blood Pact Dress

I’m just going to put it out there I’m not usually fond of dresses that cling to my hips as I feel that they stick out quite a bit. That being said I wanted this dress for so long and it’s super easy to style! If you’re considering purchasing from Drop Dead in the future I find that their clothes come up huge especially if you’re small like me! I decided to style this with my ripped denim jacket from Topshop, my favourite Dr Martens boots and some sunnies (we’re in Summer you know!). I know the design on the front won’t be to everyone’s taste but I really like it and I don’t think it’s too in your face! I also love how the dress isn’t too bright so I shall be wearing this in the colder months with thick tights too!

‘I Got Out Of Bed Today’ Tank Top

One of my favourite items on the Drop Dead site is this cut out vest! It literally goes with everything and fits so well even though it’s ‘oversized’. For the purpose of this post I went for a more relaxed look, probably not ideal for right now as we’re in summer but hey ho! I think it goes perfectly with my black ripped jeans as it adds to the ‘grunge’ look that the majority of Drop Dead clothes have. Also adding a black beanie and black leather jacket makes the design really stick out! I can also see myself pairing this with my black denim skirt for when the weather becomes warmer!

Have you ever bought anything from Drop Dead before or are you considering it now? If you haven’t been to their stores before they have two, one in Sheffield the other in London so if you’re in the area stop by, but you can also buy online. There’s no doubt we’ll be visiting in summer so look out for that post! Thanks for reading and see you again soon!

– L&R


14 thoughts on “How we style – Drop Dead

  1. I love all of these pieces! You girls look great 😊 I’m def gonna be making a purchase of my own in the future!


  2. I looooove Drop Dead but because they’re quite expensive I end up never buying anything from them, even though I love so much of their stuff! I absolutely adore that ‘ugh’ top and the ‘I got out of bed today’ one haha, great picks, and I love the way you’ve both styled your pieces! ❤


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