Our Hand Saviours!

Nobody wants sore cracked hands, so the go to product for everyone is obviously hand cream. Sometimes when you go to find a hand cream or lotion they can end up leaving your hands sticky and itchy, or having no effect at all. Both of us have had to use hand creams for different reasons (we shall inform you further into this post) so we wanted to find some products that were effective, smelt nice and had a lovely texture. Here are some of our favourites:


The Body Shop; Coconut, Honeymania and Pink Grapefruit 

If you have been following our blog since the beginning you will know that I love a good Body Shop product! Recently from going to the gym and using the weights and machines as well as wearing my rings 24/7, I’ve got flaky fingers and dry palms. I know it’s really not attractive sorry to gross you out! I decided to go and pick a hand lotion from The Body Shop up as our Mum has used them in the past and I have a lot of faith in their products. When I bought these there was a 3 for 2 offer as well as this I got 10% off for being a ‘Love Your Body’ member, priced at just £3.50 though you really can’t go wrong. Since then I have purchased the Wild Argan Oil hand cream too, oh my gosh it smells amazing I wish I could have bought it sooner to pop it in this post! More than anything I love the texture as you only need a small amount to see the effects and it doesn’t leave your hands feeling greasy. Obviously, each of these creams had a different scent but none of them were too overpowering, they were sweet but not sickly. I would have to say out of the three of them the Pink Grapefruit is my favourite as it has the nicest smell. The packaging is simple yet attractive too and the tube makes it super easy to squeeze out the amount of cream you want.


The Body Shop Hemp Hand Protector-

For years I’ve suffered with eczema on my hands, which gets particularly worse in colder weather. The constant change from warm to cold really affects me and I’ve tried out so many products to help over the years! A few months ago my mum picked up this in the smaller 30ml tube for me to try out. I loved it so much that I bought the 100ml tube! The hand cream is for very dry skin and is different to most Body Shop hand creams, as it has more of a thick waxy texture compared to your usual hand lotion! However, I’ve found that it stays on for a while and keeps my hands from itching, even after washing them! It also lasts for quite a while as I’ve found that a little goes a long way, which makes the price of £11 seem a little less scary! The smell isn’t great but it does the job and makes my hands feel a lot less dry.

Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturising Lotion with Shea Butter-

When my eczema is at its worst, I find that using just one product loses its effectiveness, so I find that it is best to alternate between products! This is another one I’ve recently discovered after two of my aunts suggested it and I’m so glad they did! The texture is quite oily at first but when you rub it into your hands it makes them feely really soft! The lotion is made of oatmeal and oat oils and you can definitely tell this from the scent. It’s not horrible but it’s not the reason I would buy the product! The only problem I had with this product is that the tube makes it easy to squeeze too much of the product out, meaning so much is wasted! I got it for about £5 so I think it’s really worth it for a 200ml tube!

Do you have any favourite hand creams? We’d love to try some new products out you can let us know over on our TwitterInstagram or even leave us a comment! We’d also like to apologise for the lack of posts lately, all of Lauren’s uni exams are coming up but hopefully over the next few weeks we will be posting more regularly again!

– L & R


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