Time For Tea!

So being from England we are stereotypically seen as a nation of tea drinkers. However, neither of us actually enjoy a cup of milky tea, in fact we didn’t like tea at all until Lauren tried Green Tea around a year ago. The following post shows some different variations of tea that we have tried over the past month.We even made some yummy home made short bread to eat with these teas as they go perfectly!

So if you are a lover of tea or like to try something new, why not give this post a read?

Mint Green Tea – £1.69 for 20 tea bags

Cranberry Green Tea – £1.69 for 20 tea bags 

Available to buy from the Twinings website

First up are two favourites, we bought these from our local super market but you can also purchase them online (therefore prices may vary!).

Mint Green Tea has all the benefits of normal Green Tea without the horrible taste. It’s super refreshing but not overly minty. It used to be Lauren’s favourite Green Tea to drink until trying the Cranberry version. Overall if you aren’t keen on regular Green Tea but aren’t really sure on fruity flavours we would advise you to buy this tea for sure. It’s light and refreshing!

I (Lauren) have to say that the Cranberry Green Tea is my favourite type of tea. It smells amazing and tastes fruity yet it is not bitter and of course it has all the benefits of Green Tea. I find that with other Green Tea’s there can sometimes be a horrible after taste and half way through drinking it I feel like I don’t want to finish the glass. With this Cranberry tea it is so refreshing that I have to drink at least two cups a day! If I have a cup for breakfast I’m set for the day and feel like I have so much more energy!

Strawberry & Raspberry – £1.49 for 20 tea bags

Intensely Double Mint – £2.49 for 20 tea bags

Available to buy from Twinings website

We thought we would try some different teas so we decided to pick up some fruit tea. This reminds us of trips to our Grandmas when we were younger, as she always used to drink it in the summer (not sure if she’s a fan anymore though!). Rachel is a huge fan of raspberries and who doesn’t love strawberries? So this seemed like the tea to try! We have to say it isn’t surprising that it leaves quite a sour taste in your mouth, we’re guessing this is due to the raspberries! It is nice and fruity so if you’re looking to mix things up definitely give this one a go.  Out of all the teas in this post, this is probably our least favourite but we’re sure the more we drink it the more we will like it. If you are one of those people that like sour stuff, this is probably the tea for you!

On to the Intensely Double Mint tea! We have to say it has a rather odd taste but that’s what makes it nice. You can definitely taste the mint in this tea and once again this makes it different from normal milky tea! Our favourite part was the fact that after taking a sip our throat would have that sharp minty ‘burning’ sensation! It is a really refreshing tea and does not get sickly after taking a few sips. According to the internet there are also tonnes of benefits from drinking peppermint tea, one example is that it clears your skin. So we’re guessing if you drink it often enough, who knows, it might help clear spot prone skin? We shall let you know if we see any results!

Each of these teas went perfectly with our home made short bread biscuits. They tasted even better than shop bought ones and were super easy to make. Another benefit of making these is that they don’t require tonnes of ingredients, in fact you could probably make them right now from the stuff in your cupboard! So if you fancy afternoon tea then these shortbreads should be on the menu. If you would like to know the recipe for these biscuits then you can direct message us or send us an email – theflowerthatblooms@hotmail.com!

Do you have any favourite teas? It would be great to hear from you and find some new varieties to try ourselves. Next on our shopping list are; Fudge Melts Green Tea, Cherry Bakewell Green Tea and Gingerbread Green Tea! We hope they taste as amazing as they sound!

– Lauren & Rachel


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