Recently, we both decided to purchase the Collection Nude Eye Palette, as neither of us are regular users of eye shadow we thought we would give this product a try. At a price of just £3.99 the Collection palette seemed like a good product to test out as we wanted to try a cheap alternative to a high end brand such as MAC. These palettes are also available in Blue, Purple and Smokey however, as we only wanted to create a natural look the Nude palette seemed like the obvious choice.



The palette contains 8 different shades as well as a cream highlighter, there are 3 light shades, 2 medium shades and 3 dark shades. The product comes in square, lightweight cardboard box complete with a clear window that allows you to see the different shades.The product comes complete with a small eye shadow applicator, as well as helpful instructions on how to create the ‘Nude Eyes’ look on the back.Overall, the products light and simple packaging are to be expected at the low price. The instructions on the back are helpful for any newbies (like us!) to the eye shadow world.

Our rating = 3/5

The product itself!


The images above show some swatches of each of the different shades. As you can see, we found that the lighter number ‘1’ shades are not very pigmented however, as these are used as a base we weren’t too fussed! On the other hand, the medium and dark shades were all quite pigmented and every shade in the box blended well. After wearing the eye shadow over a long period of time we found that the shades had faded quite a bit however, you could still see faintly some of the lighter tones. The highlighter on the other hand is more sticky than creamy and is an unusual shade. This made us only use a small amount of the product in the inner corner of our eyes.

Our rating = 3/5

Overall conclusion 


If you’re looking for a cheap eye palette to start off your eye shadow collection, then we would definitely recommend the nude eye shadow palette. Although some of the shades are not very pigmented and overall we found that it fades quickly, if you’re popping out for a few hours this eye shadow is perfect. This is available to buy at most drugstores, in particular, Boots and Superdrug.

 -Lauren & Rachel

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