September OOTD: Hello Autumn


So this month had been very hectic. We’ve both had to get back into normal lives after such a long Summer break and it’s been so hard to adjust, especially since getting back from Florida. It’s left us with no time for blogging and we’ve had to abandon our blog a bit, which is sad but life just takes over right? We really enjoy writing fashion posts for our blog and we’ve tried so hard to bring monthly ‘outfit of the day’ posts to it, so of course we couldn’t miss out September’s post! It feels like all we’ve been writing about lately is our trip to Disney World, which is great because there’s so much we want to share with our readers, but it feels so good to be writing a fashion post again. Since writing our ‘Staying True to Ourselves’ OOTD in July, we’ve realised how important it is for us to be real and show ourselves exactly as we are on our blog. So in this month’s OOTD, we’re doing just that and we thought we’d show you how we’re changing up our wardrobes slightly as Autumn approaches. We know these aren’t the most ‘Autumnal’ outfits, but we’re saving our cable knits and Doc Martens for another day!

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Florida Adventures Vlog – Part 1


Guys, guess what? We’re back! We haven’t posted on our blog for a while and we’ve been a little absent on our social media too. Truth be told, we’ve been trying to recover from the holiday of a lifetime in Florida and we’ve been struggling to get back into our normal routines. We’re going to be honest here, we have a major case of the holiday blues!

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Our Top 10 Disney Movies


We’ve both been huge Disney fans since we were young and now that we’ve both got a bit of spare free time we’ve spent it by watching so many Disney movies! We love watching all the old classics because they take us back to our childhood, but we’re also huge fans of the newer ones as the animation is stunning. After watching so many Disney films we started to think, what are our all time favourites? After trying to compile a list, we couldn’t get it below 10! There are so many Disney films that we really love that we had a list of around 40 at first. We managed to narrow it down and it wasn’t easy, so we thought we’d share them with you and we’d love to know what your favourite Disney films are too!

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Mini Unicorn Donuts | Recipe


Unicorns have been everywhere over the past few years. They’re on duvet covers, clothes, socks and even mugs! Although it seems that the unicorn obsession has died down a little bit, we’re still on board and we have been since way before they even became trendy! Call us cliché but we just can’t get enough of the trend, so if you’re like us and still loving all things unicorn this baking post will be perfect for you. We decided to do some baking that was more fun (and a little more messy) than normal, so here we present to you our mini unicorn doughnuts! This recipe is super easy and fun and only requires a minimal amount of ingredients which are all affordable. Plus, they look cute and would make a great homemade gift for any unicorn lover!

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First Time Flying | Thoughts and Feelings


Guys can you believe it, we fly to Orlando tomorrow!! It’s come round so quick we honestly can’t believe it! Believe it or not, at the ages of 21 and 19 we have never been abroad on a plane before, so as you can imagine there are a number of different thoughts flying (aha, see what we did there?) through our heads right now. In an attempt to bring more personal posts to our blog, we thought we’d give you a little insight into what we’re thinking about flying for the first time and how we’re going to try and keep ourselves occupied for our 9 hour flight to Florida.

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Getting Ready for Florida : Essentials Haul Pt. 3


Well this is awkward… in our last video we said that there wouldn’t be anymore Florida hauls, we guess we lied?! Truth is, we hadn’t planned on buying much more for our trip but we ended up finding some things we desperately needed (and treated ourselves to a few extra bits!). We wanted to show you guys the last few bits we’ve bought, as we thought they may be of interest to you as there are lots more Disney items!

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August OOTD: Styling Summer Skirts


Is it just us, or is it super hard to find the perfect skirt? We always seem to fall in love with skirts that are either too short, too tight across the bum or that we just don’t feel comfortable in once we’ve tried it on. After searching for the dream skirt for quite some time now, we’ve both managed to find one which ticks all the boxes for us, finally!! There’s still a few weeks of Summer left and these two skirts are perfect for the season. Of course we used our August Outfit of the Day post as an excuse to showcase them, because they’re too nice for you guys to not see!  We really love doing OOTD posts every month, as they allow us to get out and explore pretty locations to take photos in and sometimes we even find local places which we never even know existed. Sometimes it can just be good to put some nice clothes on and head out for some fresh air. We can only hope that we can still find time to do this once September hits and we go back to our usual busy lives.

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