Lush Mayday Bath Bomb | Rachel

Every time I head into Lush I can never make my mind up about what bath bombs I want to try out (an employee even recognises us two in our local store now because of how indecisive I am)! But when I saw May Day in person I knew I had to have it! First of all, it’s such an adorable bath bomb shaped like a badger and being an animal lover, of course I needed it! Another thing that drew me to it is the price. It’s so affordable for £2.95 for what I’d say is quite a big bath bomb! Not only that but all of the proceeds from the product (minus the VAT) go towards the Votes For Animals campaign, which is an amazing cause to give animals a voice!

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My First Lush Bath Bomb Experience! | Butterball

I’m (Rachel) a shower person, and I’ll be honest with you, until now I hadn’t had a bath since I was little! But everyone raves about how amazing lush bath bombs are, and you only need to take a peek inside the shops to see how vibrant and amazing they look, not to forget the smells! If you saw our latest Lush haul post I recently bought the Butterball bath bomb. I’d read about it and how it’s good for dry skin and seeing as I suffer with eczema I thought I had to give it ago!

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Hello Spring…

So the weather is getting so nice where we are now and one thing I love is being able to go out when it’s warm and explore! I’m one of these people who just loves to go out absolutely anywhere and just take my camera with me. You can get some really good shots when it’s sunnier and the blossom is out! (One of my favourite things to take a photo of!) So the other day I dragged my boyfriend out with me to go on a long walk!

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Review|Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub

We both needed something to get us through the battle of dry lips in the cold winter months, and the Lush Lip Scrub seemed like it would do just the job. Lauren and I both decided on the bubblegum flavour as the bright pink colour stood out to us, not to mention the amazing sweet smell!

When I saw that this product was quite pricey, I decided to try to make my own following numerous amounts of instructions on-line, but it didn’t go as well as I thought! I found that it was too sticky and didn’t help at all! This definitely made me sway towards buying the Lush product and I’m so glad I did! It’s definitely worth the money.

The product comes in bubblegum, popcorn and mint and is priced at £5.50. They also have limited edition lip scrubs available throughout the year. It comes in a little glass jar with a screw on lid. I like the packaging as it’s simple but so sturdy and cute!

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