FESTIVAL FEAR!: Why We’ve Never Been to a Festival and Probably Never Will!

Festival-blog-post-Festival season is basically over now, but watching TV coverage has really got us thinking. We’ve always loved music and attending gigs, but we’re yet to go to a festival and we probably never will go to one. From about 2008 (when we both started to get really into the rock genre) we always said we couldn’t wait to go to Reading one day. Since then, our opinion on attending festivals has completely changed and although it would be amazing to see loads of our favourite bands in one place, we have a few reasons why festivals just aren’t for us!

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Our Blogging Playlist


Nothing completes a ‘blogging night’ like listening to music while you attempt to get rid of the bloggers block and get some words down on your page. Okay, it can be quite distracting as we just have to sing along but it adds to the fun of writing up blog posts! We’ve been really getting into our music again lately and we’ve come up with a playlist featuring a few songs that are a must when it comes to furiously typing all of our thoughts down!

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Don Broco Gig


It’s been a while since we got to do a ‘Day in the Life’ style post but now we have the perfect opportunity! On Sunday the 9th we had a rather busy day which ended with us seeing Don Broco. If you are unaware of who they are, YouTube them now, they’re fab and have some super catchy songs! It’s safe to say that this was like no other gig we’ve ever been to, you can read on to find out why!

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