What We’re Loving- January 2016

Jan-faves-2016.jpgSo we don’t know about you, but January has been pretty good to us blog-wise. The first month of the year is always a scary one, you want to make sure you start the year on a high. The month has flown by fairly quickly, but for us it’s brought a few amazing opportunities to our blog! Besides working and being submerged into a tonne of college and uni work, we also managed to get a few new bits, we just can’t help ourselves! Here are some of the things we’ve been loving lately.

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What We’re Loving- November 2015


Since it is almost the end of November, we decided to leave the month on a positive note and bring a new style of post to our blog, our monthly favourites! This gives us the opportunity to share with you all a few of our favourite things each month and hopefully by reading you can find something new that you might like. We’re really hoping that we will be able to get this on the blog every month but for now let’s show you what we’ve been loving in November.

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