What We’re Loving | July 2017


How quick is this year going guys? It’s August already, before we know it, it’ll be Christmas. Actually we don’t even want to think about that just yet!! We haven’t recorded a monthly favourites video since January as we didn’t have time to sit down and film. Since finishing University, we’ve had a lot more time to focus on our blog and YouTube channel and we’ve actually managed to record a July favourites!

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What We’re Loving – January 2017


So we’re a week into February now, how scary is that?! That must mean it’s almost two years since we started our blog, crazy! Last month was a little hectic for us but we did manage to finally film a monthly favourites video. It was obviously meant to go up at the end of last month but we had a few issues and couldn’t get the video done as Rachel was unwell last week. However, it’s done now and although it’s late, we filmed it and edited it so we might as well put it up!

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What we’re Loving – October 2016!


We absolutely love making monthly favourites videos or posts and it’s something we haven’t done for a while now! We’ve literally had no time at all to record videos which sucks but finally we’re back with another favourites video. We know that Halloween is over and so is October and yeah this video probably should have gone up earlier but finding spare time is a struggle! Better late than never though aye?!

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What We’re Loving – July 2016

July-monthly-favourites.jpgWell guys, that’s July over and done with which means Summer will be over before you know it! The year is going so quick, but is it bad that we’re a little excited for Autumn to come? Probably! Anyway, let’s stop wishing time away and get on with the point of this post! Yeah, you guessed it, with the end of every month comes our monthly favourites post! So here’s all the bits and pieces we’ve been loving this month, it’s safe to say there’s a right mish mash of items compared to our usual monthly favourites!
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What We’re Loving – April 2016


April has been a really busy month for us. It’s getting to the end of the year for college and university so we’ve had piles of work that needed to be done. As much as we love blogging, our education does have to take priority so we’ve had to abandon the blog a bit in order to get everything finished and submitted. We still have work that is due now! Even though we have left our blog for a while, we couldn’t miss out on telling you about our favourites from this month. We’ve kept it up for 6 months now so it would be annoying to miss out a monthly favourites post for April!

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What We’re Loving – March 2016


So that’s March over already, we say this all the time but can you believe how quick this year is going?! Normally we feel that the start of the year drags but this year it’s just flying by. For pretty much everyone, March has been a chocolate filled month and it’s safe to say we ate far too many Creme Eggs. We’re so going to miss those! Along with them, here are the other things we loved in March.

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