Cruelty Free Beauty | Skin Elixir Review*


As people who only use cruelty free beauty products, we feel that it’s important to bring as many reviews of cruelty free brands to our blog as possible! Twitter is brilliant for sourcing smaller cruelty free brands which is how we found Skin Elixir. Skin Elixir are a brand who create hand-made 100% natural and vegan, moisturisers and perfumes. Their website states that the ingredients used in their products are chosen for their healing properties. The brands creator, Shona, kindly sent us the Skin Elixir Gift Box to use and review.

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MUA Velvet Lip Lacquers – NEW SHADES


If you’re a regular here then you will know our love for MUA’s Velvet Lip Lacquers! We’ve been trying to get our hands on the newer shades for so long now and finally we managed to find 4 of the new shades in our local store! We must have spoken about these lip products a 100 times but we thought we’d give you the low down on some of the new shades and show you the ones we picked up!

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GOSH Liquid Matte Lips | Review


If you’ve read our blog before you’ll have seen plenty of reviews on different liquid lipsticks from loads of different brands. They are our favourite makeup product to buy and wear and also one of the things we enjoy reviewing the most on here. One brand we’d never tried before is GOSH and after searching for a few new affordable lipsticks, we decided it was time to try a new brand. We picked out two shades, Nougat Crisp and Candy Floss, both of which happen to be perfect for the new season! The Gosh ‘Liquid Matte Lips’ liquid lipsticks are available from Superdrug and there are 8 stunning shades to choose from. From deep purples to nude pinks, Gosh have something for every lipstick lover’s needs. But what did we think of the product overall?

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A Rather Small Lush Easter Haul! | 2017


This might come as a surprise to anybody who frequently comes over to our blog but we only purchased 3 items from the Lush Easter range this year! Yes, you did read that right, only 3 items! In comparison to last year, this year’s Easter range seemed to be smaller and we have to be honest, there were less items that took our fancy. We found that there just wasn’t much that we wanted this time around but it isn’t much of a bad thing since it means we spent less money! We’re really happy with what we did buy though and although it’s a very small haul for us, but we still wanted to show you guys and give you a little review of each product! We know the range was released a few weeks back but life has once again taken over so this post is up a little late. But hey we’re posting it on the first day of spring which seems fitting!

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H&M Face Masks for Different Skin Types


Something really important when it comes to skincare is finding what’s best for you skin type. There’s so many different skincare products available out there but if they aren’t suited to your skin, you might not see any improvements. One of our favourite skincare products has to be face masks, as they’re the perfect treat for your skin and can be really relaxing. H&M offer a range of different one use face mask pods and each one suits a different type of skin. Lauren has combination skin so she chose the ‘raspberry leaf’ mask, while Rachel chose the ‘coconut water’ mask for her dry skin. We decided to give these face masks a go and see if they improve our skin at all. Also, as we only buy cruelty free beauty items we made sure to check that H&M do not test their products on animals; we were pleasantly surprised to find out they’re cruelty free!

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NYX Lip Lingerie | Review

nyx-lip-lingerie-1.jpgWe say this far too much but in terms of make-up, there’s nothing we love more than a good liquid lipstick. Over the past year we’ve tried so many different brands  but one company that have recently caught our eye is NYX. We’ve tried their ‘Liquid Suede’ liquid lipsticks range but wanted to give their ‘Lip Lingerie’ products a try too. The range consists of 12 nude toned matte liquid lipsticks so there’s plenty to choose from! If you’re looking to try a new matte lipstick from NYX but unsure if it will be for you, have a read of our thoughts:

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