DIY Dream Jars with Hobbycraft*


One thing we love to do when we have any spare time is get creative. We’re not the best at arts and crafts but we love to give it a go and see what we can make! Whether we’re working on our scrapbooks or trying to create something new, there is something almost therapeutic about getting creative and crafty! Hobbycraft is our first stop when we need any crafting essentials, so you can imagine how shocked and happy we were when we received an email from them, asking if we would like to work together! They set us the challenge of creating something using their blog as a guideline. Their blog features many different tutorials and ideas, so it’s great to have a look at if you want something fun to make but need inspiration!

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Autumn – Expectations vs Reality


We’re pretty sure many of you can agree with us when we say Autumn is the best season (Spring being a very close second!). It’s the perfect time of year as the sun goes away and you get to wear cosy jumpers in every berry shade imaginable, chuck on some cosy pyjamas at the end of a long day and drink your entire body weight in hot chocolate. Every year we see so many bloggers posting about Autumn and the things they’re looking forward to and it gets us so excited for the season ahead! However, when it actually arrives we get quite disappointed by a few things. Don’t get us wrong, we adore Autumn, but it isn’t always everything it’s hyped up to be. We’ve compiled a list of expectations we have for Autumn… and what they’re really like once the season arrives!

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Florida Adventures Vlog – Part 2


So it may have been a while ago now, but we couldn’t not post part 2 of our Florida vlog could we?! We know it’s very late but we’ve been so busy with other things in life that we had to set our vlog aside… Our blogging game has sadly not been strong lately *cries*. But it’s finally up now and in this vlog we’re showing you what we got up to on week 2 of our holiday!

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5 Character Meet and Greets You Must Do at Disney World


Walt Disney World is a place which promises fun and excitement in every park you visit. There really is something for everyone, with plenty of rides for thrill seekers to enjoy and lots of beautiful sites to be seen such as the parades and the night shows. But one thing that really completes the whole Disney experience are the character meet and greets. There are so many different characters to meet around the parks and no matter what age you are, interacting with your favourite characters is a really fun experience, which to us is a must if you’re planning on visiting any Disney park around the world!

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Florida Adventures Vlog – Part 1


Guys, guess what? We’re back! We haven’t posted on our blog for a while and we’ve been a little absent on our social media too. Truth be told, we’ve been trying to recover from the holiday of a lifetime in Florida and we’ve been struggling to get back into our normal routines. We’re going to be honest here, we have a major case of the holiday blues!

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Our Top 10 Disney Movies


We’ve both been huge Disney fans since we were young and now that we’ve both got a bit of spare free time we’ve spent it by watching so many Disney movies! We love watching all the old classics because they take us back to our childhood, but we’re also huge fans of the newer ones as the animation is stunning. After watching so many Disney films we started to think, what are our all time favourites? After trying to compile a list, we couldn’t get it below 10! There are so many Disney films that we really love that we had a list of around 40 at first. We managed to narrow it down and it wasn’t easy, so we thought we’d share them with you and we’d love to know what your favourite Disney films are too!

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First Time Flying | Thoughts and Feelings


Guys can you believe it, we fly to Orlando tomorrow!! It’s come round so quick we honestly can’t believe it! Believe it or not, at the ages of 21 and 19 we have never been abroad on a plane before, so as you can imagine there are a number of different thoughts flying (aha, see what we did there?) through our heads right now. In an attempt to bring more personal posts to our blog, we thought we’d give you a little insight into what we’re thinking about flying for the first time and how we’re going to try and keep ourselves occupied for our 9 hour flight to Florida.

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