Getting Ready for Florida: 15 Things We’re Looking Forward To


If you read our blog regularly and follow us on social media, you might know that in August we are flying to Florida for our first ever holiday out of England! We’ve already filmed a video regarding some of our essentials and posted about our DIY autograph books, but we thought it was about time we get some more America themed posts up. Throughout the two weeks we are away we’re going to be visiting the Disney parks and Universal. As you can imagine there are a lot of things we’re excited about, especially since it will be our first time going to America as well as Disney! We’ve rounded up a list of things we’re looking forward to about Florida and we must say it was a struggle to note down just 15 things. We hope some of you will be able to relate to these!

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Our Week Away – Vlog Part 2


Finally, we have managed to edit part 2 of our week away vlog!! This took a little longer than normal as we have both had other stuff going on. If you watched part 1 you would have seen us arrive at our holiday lodge, and go on a few adventures, including exploring Hampton Court Palace and looking at all the animals at Marwell Zoo. Towards the end of our week we had loads of fun and you can see it all in our latest vlog!

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Our Week Away – Vlog Part 1


If you are following us on our social media platforms, you’d know that the reason for us being absent on our blog for so long is because we’ve been away for a week! We went to a woods retreat and stayed in a wooden lodge with our boyfriends. In order to prepare for vlogging our trip to Florida in August we decided to vlog our week away to get comfortable with being outside and filming! We had the best week away and we cannot wait to share what we got up to with you guys!

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Getting Ready for Florida: DIY Disney Autograph Books


One of the main things we’re most excited to do when we go to Disney is meet some of our favourite characters. Now to some people this may seem a little childish and immature but we’ve both wanted to go to Disney since we were kids, so not meeting any characters wouldn’t feel right. We think it’s so interesting how every single character has a unique autograph and an autograph book would be a great keepsake from our trip. We decided to set ourselves the challenge of making our own autograph books as we need to save a bit of money and it gave us a little something to do too!

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What We’re Thinking When Taking Fashion Photos

_MG_9338.jpgFashion is our favourite thing to write about on our blog. We love writing about any new items that we’ve bought or even just showing how we style bits that have been in our wardrobes since we can remember! But being a fashion blogger involves posing in front of the camera and trying to look cool…Something we’re not too good at! Every single time we brave it and step outside of the house to get photos there are certain thoughts that run through our minds. If you’re a fellow fashion blogger we really hope that you can relate to some of them!

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Getting Ready for Florida : Essentials Haul

Florida haul.jpg

As some of you may already know, we’re travelling to America in August for 2 weeks in Florida. This will be the first time we’ve ever gone abroad for a holiday which some people may think is crazy considering we are 21 and 19! Although we have around 3 months until we go, we’re trying to be prepared and buy everything we need early; so we don’t leave it until the last minute! This is our first post in our little series, ‘Getting Ready for Florida’, and today we’re talking you through some of our essentials that we’ve picked up so far.

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Intu Lakeside Student Night Challenge | April 2017


Twice a year one of our local shopping centre (Intu Lakeside) holds a student night, where stores have boosted discounts and there are competitions as well as entertainment all around the centre. We always love to shop and the fact that Intu Lakeside have student events gives us another excuse to go and treat ourselves! We were set a challenge by the guys at Intu Lakeside to find as many bargains as we could using £30 worth of gift cards between us, that were kindly gifted to us. We’re never ones to turn down a challenge so here we present to you the bargains that we found!

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