Mini Unicorn Donuts | Recipe


Unicorns have been everywhere over the past few years. They’re on duvet covers, clothes, socks and even mugs! Although it seems that the unicorn obsession has died down a little bit, we’re still on board and we have been since way before they even became trendy! Call us cliché but we just can’t get enough of the trend, so if you’re like us and still loving all things unicorn this baking post will be perfect for you. We decided to do some baking that was more fun (and a little more messy) than normal, so here we present to you our mini unicorn doughnuts! This recipe is super easy and fun and only requires a minimal amount of ingredients which are all affordable. Plus, they look cute and would make a great homemade gift for any unicorn lover!

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DIY Creme Eggs!


Every year we bring a new Easter baking post to our blog. This year we decided to create something different to what we normally bake, DIY Creme Eggs! Creme Eggs are an Easter treat loved by many but they’re not around for long enough in our opinions. We definitely feel that they’re too nice to only be around for a few months of the year, so we set ourselves the challenge of creating our own using a recipe we found online, so once the real ones leave us we won’t miss them as much! We’ll hold our hands up, we found making these super challenging and they don’t look that great but hey, they taste good and that’s all that matters!

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Valentine’s Baking – Cut Out Love Heart Cupcakes


Can you believe it’s already Valentine’s Day tomorrow?!! We love the idea of making a homemade gift for somebody, so we thought we’d give you another little gift idea that you can quickly make in time for tomorrow. As you may have seen we recently posted a recipe for stained glass heart cookies  but if your significant other prefers cupcakes and you’re in a bit of a hurry to make a quick home-baked gift, then why not give this recipe a go instead?!

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Valentine’s Baking – Stained Glass Heart Cookies


So we know that there are 13 days until Valentine’s Day but if you want to be organised and get your gift sorted, this post will hopefully be of help.  Neither of us have ever really been the type to “celebrate” Valentine’s Day, although it is nice to give your significant other something small to show them they’re appreciated. Baking something is a great gift to give them as it doesn’t cost too much and shows you’ve put effort into making them something nice. Plus, who doesn’t appreciate food?! We love baking whenever we have the time and if you do too, these Valentine’s stained glass heart cookies would make the perfect gift for a loved one!

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The Snowman and The Snowdog Chocolate Muffin Kit*


If you’ve been reading our blog for a while you would have seen our ‘Lazy Baking’ series where we reviewed different cake and cookie kits. A few weeks back Cake Angels sent us a box of goodies so that we could put together some Christmas inspired posts. The box included different decorations for cakes/biscuits which we made some festive Gingerbread men with, as well as this muffin kit! We thought that this would be the perfect opportunity for a Lazy Baking Christmas inspired post, as the kit requires minimal effort and you get some amazing cakes as a result! We’ve put together a little review for you guys and although we were kindly sent this muffin kit, all opinions will be honest and our own!

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Christmas Jumper Gingerbread Men with Cake Angels*

img_9376December is fast approaching and that means that before you know it, it’ll be Christmas! One thing we love doing around Christmas time is baking festive inspired treats whenever we get the chance. Last year we made Candy Cane Cupcakes which were delicious! We were talking about what festive themed treats we could make this year, when we came home from work to find a surprise delivery from Cake Angels! If you read our Toffee Apple Cupcakes then you would know that the guys at cake Angels kindly sent us a box of goodies to cake decorations to use in a blog post. The box we received this time had enough to make two different treats, so here is the first post of two – our gingerbread men in their fancy festive jumpers, because nothing says Christmas like ugly jumpers and gingerbread men!

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Toffee Apple Cupcakes – With Cake Angels*


As some of you probably already know, we love baking! We’re not great by any means but we try our hardest to make tasty treats for any occasion. We were planning on making some Halloween themed bakes for our blog and coincidentally we were contacted by Fiddes Payne about their new Halloween cake decorations! For those of you who don’t know, Fiddes Payne have an online store where they sell a variety of items all the way from cake decorations to cake kits. They kindly sent us a range of Halloween cake decorations from Cake Angels so we were super excited that we had an excuse to make some spooky cakes. For us, nothing says Halloween like toffee apples so we thought we’d challenge ourselves to make some toffee apple flavoured cupcakes!

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