Natural Cotton Tampons and Towels from Veeda*


We don’t have a certain category that our blog is based around. If you scroll through our posts we’ve talked about all sorts from makeup all the way to music. But one thing we’ve never talked about is periods! Shockingly enough, a lot of people find talking about that dreaded ‘time of the month’ quite embarrassing or awkward and admittedly, it was something we never really thought about blogging about. That was until we were contacted by Veeda, who asked us to review their natural feminine hygiene products! So with that in mind, this might be one of those TMI sort of posts so if talking about periods isn’t your thing, it’s probably best to not read this one!

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Staying Motivated To Exercise

So many people struggle when it comes to sticking to exercise. Motivation can be a big struggle when you have 100 different things going on in your life! Since Lauren started University in September and began a PT (personal training) course we have both tried to workout at least 3 times a week. Sticking to exercise can be super hard but we have some tips to try and help you out!

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