DIY Dream Jars with Hobbycraft*


One thing we love to do when we have any spare time is get creative. We’re not the best at arts and crafts but we love to give it a go and see what we can make! Whether we’re working on our scrapbooks or trying to create something new, there is something almost therapeutic about getting creative and crafty! Hobbycraft is our first stop when we need any crafting essentials, so you can imagine how shocked and happy we were when we received an email from them, asking if we would like to work together! They set us the challenge of creating something using their blog as a guideline. Their blog features many different tutorials and ideas, so it’s great to have a look at if you want something fun to make but need inspiration!

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Getting Ready for Florida: DIY Disney Autograph Books


One of the main things we’re most excited to do when we go to Disney is meet some of our favourite characters. Now to some people this may seem a little childish and immature but we’ve both wanted to go to Disney since we were kids, so not meeting any characters wouldn’t feel right. We think it’s so interesting how every single character has a unique autograph and an autograph book would be a great keepsake from our trip. We decided to set ourselves the challenge of making our own autograph books as we need to save a bit of money and it gave us a little something to do too!

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DIY| Ripped Knee Jeans

So we’ve all been there, you want a pair of ripped jeans but don’t want to pay over £40 when the material is just going to rip more after a few wears. Last year I (Lauren) bought a pair of jeans in the Topshop sale that were far too long for me (I’m a 30 inch leg these were 32 inch!) so as you can imagine they looked ridiculous. I’d never worn them due to this so I decided I would alter the legs and make them into turn ups, at the same time I thought “Why not rip the knees too while we’re at it?”. So we spent AGES searching for a good guide on how to create the specific look we were looking for and still to this day I can’t find one that I think explains it well step by step.  So here is a present from us to you, a step by step simple guide on how to create the ripped knee look:

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