Getting Ready for Florida: 15 Things We’re Looking Forward To


If you read our blog regularly and follow us on social media, you might know that in August we are flying to Florida for our first ever holiday out of England! We’ve already filmed a video regarding some of our essentials and posted about our DIY autograph books, but we thought it was about time we get some more America themed posts up. Throughout the two weeks we are away we’re going to be visiting the Disney parks and Universal. As you can imagine there are a lot of things we’re excited about, especially since it will be our first time going to America as well as Disney!Β We’ve rounded up a list of things we’re looking forward to about Florida and we must say itΒ was a struggle to note down just 15 things. We hope some of you will be able to relateΒ to these!

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July OOTD | Black & White


After coming back from our week away with the boys (we filmed some vlogs if you want to see them – part 1 & part 2), we feel like we haven’t really done much. We’re trying so hard to save all of our money for our trip to Florida that our time is mainly spent at home or doing some ‘window shopping’ in town. We finally decided that enough was enough and ventured out to take some blog photos and so here we present to you our July OOTD (yaaaaay!!). We missed out on our June Outfit of the Day so it feels so good to get this post up! Today we are taking it back to the very basics with two of our favourite colours, black and white. Black probably isn’t the most ideal colour to wear in July when the sun is shining, although we love the sophisticated yet casual look it can give and we’re bored of wearing bright summer colours now anyway!

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Layering Lab Body Mists by Superdrug


One thing that is a massive handbag essential for us is body spray. It’s always good to feel like you smell pleasant to those around you and during the summer months we feel it is especially important! We never like to spend too much on a body spray since they are a beauty product we use so frequently. Luckily for us, Superdrug have a whole range of body mists which are affordable, cruelty free and perfect for a quick freshen up!

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Our Week Away – Vlog Part 2


Finally, we have managed to edit part 2 of our week away vlog!! This took a little longer than normal as we have both had other stuff going on. If you watched part 1 you would have seen us arrive at our holiday lodge, and go on a few adventures, including exploring Hampton Court Palace and looking at all the animals at Marwell Zoo. Towards the end of our week we had loads of fun and you can see it all in our latest vlog!

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AA Skincare – Shampoo Bars Review*


A few months ago we set ourselves the challenge of finding some more cruelty free beauty brands online. We love looking around to find independent and small brands and as we’ve previously mentioned, Twitter is great for doing so. AA Skincare are a brand that we’ve been following for a while on Twitter but never got round to looking at properly. To cut a long story short, we eventually got into contact with AA and they kindly sent us two shampoo bars of our choice! We’ve always been fans of the ever so popular Lush shampoo bars and couldn’t wait to see how these ones compared.

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Our Week Away – Vlog Part 1


If you are following us on our social media platforms, you’d know that the reason for us being absent on our blog for so long is because we’ve been away for a week! We went to a woods retreat and stayed in a wooden lodge with our boyfriends. In order to prepare for vlogging our trip to Florida in August we decided to vlog our week away to get comfortable with being outside and filming! We had the best week away and we cannot wait to share what we got up to with you guys!

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