1 Step Closer to Being a Mermaid – Barry M Under The Sea Collection Review | Rachel

barry m under the sea nail varnish

There’s something about having my nails painted that just makes me feel so much more happy and confident about myself. I don’t paint my nails all the time and I rarely get them done properly, but regardless I still have an overgrowing collection of nail polishes; I’m obsessed! About 90% of my nail varnish collection are Barry M products. I’ve been using them for as long as I remember and they have such a diverse range of colours and styles, from matte polishes to shimmery holographic colours, I will never have enough Barry M nail varnishes! Recently they launched a whole new range full of holographic products which I was so excited for. I know the whole holographic trend has kind of died down a little bit now and they probably should’ve done it a few months ago, but I am still living for it! Being nail polish obsessed, the products I was most excited for were their Under The Sea holographic nail varnish collection and I couldn’t stop myself from trying them out.

I’m kicking myself for this now, but I only bought three out of the four new shades. The ones I have are Jellyfish, Pinktail and Butterflyfish. I am trying to be good and save money but these three shades were must haves! I decided not to pick up Angelfish, which is a rose gold/pearl sort of shade, as I already own a nail varnish which is very similar (I’m sure I’ll regret not buying it soon though!). They are super affordable at just £3.99 each, just like most of the nail polishes Barry M have to offer.

barry m under the sea nail varnish 1

What I love most about this new range is how it is mermaid themed and this shows through the design of the bottles. The lids are decorated with simplistic but adorable sea creatures in a shiny blue foil and I really love the design! I also love the font used on the bottles, it’s so playful and fun and really emphasises the mermaid theme.

What makes these nail polishes so unique is how they have a two-toned formula and are described by Barry M as “colour-shifting”. At first I didn’t even realise this, I just saw the shades and thought they looked pretty! It wasn’t until I actually used them that I realised just how cool this formula is. They can be used alone for a subtle, shimmery nail, or they can be painted over white or black nail varnish for a completely different look! Using them over different colours will literally transform the whole colour and look of the nail polish and it makes painting your nails fun! My favourite combinations have to be Jellyfish over black and Pinktail over white.

barry m under the sea nail varnish jellyfishJELLYFISH (alone, over black, over white)barry m under the sea nail varnish pinktailPINKTAIL (alone, over black, over white)barry m under the sea nail varnish butterflyfishBUTTERFLYFISH (alone, over black, over white)

The one thing that disappointed me slightly was how sheer these polishes are when worn alone. It shows up any white spots on your nails and if you have long nails, the white tips will really show. If you are going for a subtle look then they are perfect and still look beautiful, but if you want more of a bold nail they definitely need to be worn on top of another colour.  If you do want to wear them alone then I recommend using at least 3 coats, although I do think this contributed to the nail paint peeling off after a only few days of wear.

Overall, in my experience, the wear wasn’t great when using these polishes alone. They lasted about a day before seeing any signs of chipping, although I do put this down to the bad condition of my nails. They did start to peel off after about 3-4 days of wear, but I guess you don’t expect them to last that long; if I wanted my nails to last weeks I’d just get gels done professionally!

barry m under the sea nail varnish 3

One of the best things about these polishes, besides the stunning colours, is how smooth and silky they apply. I felt like it was almost impossible to apply these badly (and I am terrible at applying nail varnish!). The formula is so smooth that it glides on your nails so easily and creates a smooth texture. There was almost no air bubbles and the nail varnishes seem to dry fairly quick too, which is great if you’re impatient like me! They also have the wide brush that Barry M have been using for all of their nail polishes since the release of the Speedy Quick Dry range a few years back. It makes it so much easier to apply the product and it’s probably one of the reasons Barry M nail varnishes are my favourite!

barry m under the sea nail varnish 2

This is by far my favourite nail varnish range Barry M have released in a long time. The shades are so great for somebody like myself who likes a coloured nail but doesn’t want anything too bold and out there. The mermaid theme just makes it for me and I love how the shades are all pastel toned but can be completely transformed into a whole different colour right before your eyes! I know I will definitely be wearing the colours on their own throughout spring and summer though!
Have you tried anything from the new Holographic ranges?


One thought on “1 Step Closer to Being a Mermaid – Barry M Under The Sea Collection Review | Rachel

  1. These are so beautiful! I love the packaging and I think the jellyfish is my favorite from your pictures! Great idea doing swatches over black and white! Giving me all the mermaid feels. I need to find these ASAP! I also love how neat they go on, will make you feel like a pro forreal!

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