Feeling BOLD | Styling the Smock Dress

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February has been such a weird month so far. It’s rained, it’s snowed and the sun has even shined; it’s been so awkward when it comes to deciding on outfits! About a week or so ago, we both decided we needed to freshen up our wardrobes and add a bit of colour to them and after searching on Asos for hours (we were probably both procrastinating from something important as per), we both found these smock dresses and weirdly fell in love. Neither of them are something we’d both normally go for but we really felt that we needed to brighten up our wardrobes and also be brave and try something new fashion-wise. It’s always scary going out in something that takes you a little bit out of your comfort zone and we usually wear black as we feel it keeps us hidden from any attention. But today we’re taking a stand and showing you how we injected a dash of colour into what was a dreary and dull day!

Rachel-pink smock dress 2pink smock dress 3

Dress – Asos
Top – H&M
Coat – Primark
Shoes – Dr Martens

pink smock dress 7pink smock dress 4

I used to live in skater style dresses but I haven’t worn one for SO long now. Dresses are usually too short for me so I usually just wear trousers  now but this one, being a smock, seemed like it would actually be a suitable length. When it arrived I was so happy to try it on and find that it actually covered half my legs for once! I love the bright colours and the design of this dress is so different to what I’d normally wear. The stripes are what drew me to it. I’ve said so many times on here that I love stripes, although I didn’t own any colourful stripes at all before this. The pink, orange and blue tones really remind me of Summer and I think it means this dress can be styled in different ways for each season; it’s such a versatile piece. It’s also quite baggy too and the loose material means it will be perfect to wear without tights when it gets warm in the summer!pink smock dress 6pink smock dress 5

As you can probably tell, it was a tad cold when we took these photos, so a coat was a must. I’m wearing this thick faux fur coat from Primark which has kept me so warm throughout the winter. It’s black so it doesn’t clash with the dress at all and I feel the colour also keeps the dress as the statement piece of the outfit. I get cold so easily so I thought it would be a good idea to put something under this dress since it has no sleeves. I went for this mesh spotted top as I love the little pattern clash between spots and stripes (so much so I did it in a post last year, oops!) I felt brave so I’m wearing some small fishnet tights with this dress. I just felt that wearing plain black ones was a bit basic and I find dresses so hard to style (I normally wear clothes which I can easily style in different ways, like trousers and jeans), so I wanted to wear different tights to add something more to the outfit. I completed this look with my Dr Martens shoes as I love how they look with dresses. I know they’re not the most ‘girly’ shoes to wear with a dress but I feel they look quite ‘alternative’ in a way, especially with this bold dress and they’re just more ‘me’ than any other shoes!pink smock dress 1pink smock dress 8

Lauren-colour long sleeve smock 3colour long sleeve smock 2

Dress – Asos
Backpack – New Look (old)
Shoes – Dr Martens

colour long sleeve smock 7colour long sleeve smock 8

Over the last year or so, I’ve been trying to purchase clothes that aren’t just black or grey and I think it’s safe to say, I’ve really outdone myself with this dress! I’m not sure if I look like a clown, a 12 year old or just someone who likes primary colours but I couldn’t care, I love this dress. Normally I would avoid smock dresses as I do find that they make me look a little out of shape, I prefer dresses to pull me in at the waist to show my shape. However, I purchased this dress from the Asos petite range and I feel like it fits me better, as it’s shorter in length. The only part of the dress that I’m not sure on is the arms, they’re a rather odd length and the sleeves are a little tight around the bicep area. I kinda wish that the sleeves were a little longer and not so tight to match the rest of the dress, other than that I love the style and colour.

IMG_7176colour long sleeve smock 5

For the price of £25 I feel that this dress is well worth the money as it’s super versatile. It can be worn in the colder months for a pop of colour to brighten a dull day, or when it’s a little warmer as it’s a cool material. I would say that although I am 5ft 2 and I purchased this from the petite range, this dress is what I would consider to be a little short.  Therefore if you’re short and prefer your dresses a little longer it may be best to get this dress from the standard Asos range. As usual, I paired my outfit with a pair of Dr Martens. I decided to wear my patent shoes for a change as I’m always in my boots. Other than that there’s not much else to say about this outfit. It’s always awkward to write a tonne of stuff about a dress you aren’t really able to style. All I can say is that I’m sure I will purchase a smock dress again and I’ve definitely conquered my fear of wearing bright colours thanks to this dress!

colour long sleeve smock 4colour long sleeve smock 6

 Have you added anything new to your wardrobes so far this year? Or are you sticking to your staple pieces? We’re hoping to add even more colour to our wardrobes this year! 



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