Summer Dreaming…

summer dreaming oots

We got a bit overly excited on the morning of the day we took these photos. The sun was shining, the sky was blue and all we could think was “YES, spring is coming!”. Boy, were we wrong though. The minute we got into Joe’s car the sky turned grey and it started raining, but us being the crazy girls we are who are desperate for blog photos decided to just go ahead with it, despite the change of weather! REGRETS. It was freezing, so cold that we didn’t manage to get many photos done, but regardless we still had so much fun exploring a new place with the boys and admiring all the pretty beach houses that we wish we could own. We even braved the beach (yes we went on the beach in January, madness!) and it got us thinking about just how much we can’t wait for the warmer weather to be here. We really do love spring/summer fashion, but for now we guess we’ve gotta just put a coat on and deal with the harsh winter weather!

Rachelrachel 2

Coat – New Look (old)
T-shirt – Topshop
Jeans – Topshop
Shoes – Converse

rachel 3

When I saw the sun shining before we ventured out, I was so excited that I could finally opt for a thinner coat, as I haven’t worn this grey leopard print one for so long and I love it! I really did regret that choice once I realised just how cold it was though, as this coat is quite thin and ideally for when it starts to get warmer. I still love it though because it’s smart but also not plain at all and the grey colour means it goes with pretty much anything (unless it’s patterned, although if you’re the type of person who loves a pattern clash then it would be perfect!). It’s a long line coat and I feel it goes perfectly with a tee and cropped jeans to make it look more casual. I got this top a few months back in Topshop and it’s one of my most worn items of clothing. I love a basic slogan tee and the little illustrations on this just makes it for me. I’m cactus obsessed so when I saw that Topshop had mixed my favourite little plant with a girl empowering quote, I knew I needed it! I’m all about girls supporting girls, so I love wearing this top because it’s not too serious but also spreads a good message…and also I just really love puns!

rachel 4rachel 1

Basic tops like this also go so well with my new jeans. I’ve been living in them since I first got them and I even wore them in our last post..oops. I just love them so much and I’m desperately searching for a light blue pair for Spring. I feel like a nice belt really completes a casual jeans and tee outfit and just makes it look so much more put together. I think I got this one from Primark years ago. They have so many different belts in there, I only ever buy belts from Primark! To finish this outfit I’m wearing my black hi-top converse. I love how they look with cropped jeans, especially these raw hem ones and they’re one of my favourite styles of shoes to wear with anything and everything! To me, this outfit is comfy and casual and I think it will be even more perfect for when the weather *fingers crossed* finally decides to cheer up!

rachel 5

Laurenlauren 2

Top – Asos
Jeans – Topshop (old)
Coat – H&M
Trainers – Vans

lauren 1

Taking these photos made me realise that I really need to jazz my wardrobe up a little bit, pretty much everything I in my wardrobe is black with a few white and grey pieces and the occasional mustard, floral or striped piece!  Although this outfit isn’t the most exciting, I’m hoping it’s relatable for you guys out there who just want to shove jeans and a sweatshirt on!  I recently purchased this sweatshirt from Asos and I absolutely love the lace detail, I feel that it means you are able to dress this up for a smarter look or pair it with jeans for a comfy and casual look. The only downside is that it’s only available in one colour, in an ideal world I’d have an item like this in at least 5 colours! It’s so comfy and I just love the overall look.

lauren 5lauren 3

In terms of my jacket and jeans, I went pretty plain and these are both items that I’ve had in my wardrobe for a while now. I’m not sure about anyone else but I find it really hard to put something on and be like “yes I am totally feeling this outfit, I love it” in the winter months. If I’m honest, I’m bored of constantly having to wear tights or feeling too cold to wear cropped trousers so I’ve been playing it safe with my outfits (I am sorry it’s probably really boring for you guys I really am). I felt like changing it up and wearing blue jeans for once because it’s a really rare thing for me to wear anything other than black jeans or trousers. These are old Jamie jeans from Topshop and I love that they actually fit me in the length, as a girl of 5ft 2 I really struggle finding trousers that are a decent length! Finally, let’s talk shoes because shockingly enough I’m not wearing Docs. I decided to wear my old skool Vans which I love although they’re now looking a little battered, I haven’t worn Vans in so long so it made a change! Being completely honest, I’m not sure if anyone will like what I’m wearing but it was freezing, raining and I just wanted something casual so I just hope that this outfit is relatable for a lot of you!

lauren 4_MG_6662.jpgrachel 6lauren   6.jpg

We’re so glad it’s finally February! It’s got to be one of the best months, so it sucks that it’s the shortest one really (although we’re probably just biased because it’s Rachel and her boyfriend Joe’s birthday month, which means all the birthday outings and meals!!). We have quite a few things planned this month and we’re so excited for it, we are SO glad January is finally gone! Another month over also means we’re one step closer to the new season, which is all we’ve been going on about lately. We love exploring and taking fashion photos but it’s so difficult to do when the wind is blowing your hair around like crazy and your hands are frozen to the point that you can’t move them! Summer… where you at?

What have you got to look forward to this month?

lauren and rachel

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