New Year, New… Tees?


It’s safe to say we’re not the best when it comes to arranging a day to take blog pictures. The weather is never on our side when we head out to get outfit photos and the day we took these was particularly freezing. Just our luck that it was like the coldest, most windy day of the year so far and we’re not even joking, our hands were so frozen we had trouble pressing the cameras shutter button. The things us bloggers do! Getting onto the point of this post…We’re 18 days into 2018 and it didn’t take our shopping obsessed selves long to go and splash some Christmas cash on a few new clothing items, it just had to be done! Today we’re talking all about these new tees (well, one is technically a jumper) that we managed to find around the shops at the beginning of the month.



Jacket – New Look
Top – Topshop
Jeans – Topshop
Boots – Dr Martens


I think it’s safe to say that when I picked this outfit I was thinking more about ‘fashion’ over practicality. I was completely frozen and probably should have thought about the fact that I was going out in January wearing a denim jacket but hey, it was so warm in our house I must have thought it’d be warm outside too! I feel like you can see in my face just how cold I was and the cold wind made my hair go all funny so let’s just ignore how much of a mess I look! Now to the point of this post – talking about what I’m wearing!

If I’m honest, I’ve really been struggling with clothes lately. You would think that now I have to dress smart 5 days a week, I’d want to wear more casual clothes on the weekend but that hasn’t been the case. I’ve been wearing dresses 24/7 and have stayed away from jeans until saw this amazing top in Topshop! I love yellow at the moment, I feel like it looks good with my hair (probs just me who thinks that but hey ho!) and in the colder months I feel like you need a pop of colour to lift your mood. I actually sized up 2 sizes as I wanted to rock the oversized look, I could have gone even bigger but as my arms are short I think it may have looked a little ridiculous! It’s such a comfy top and I’ve been wearing it non-stop, I’ve been styling it with skirts too which is fab as I love a versatile item.


I’ve worn these Jamie jeans in a few blog posts before. They probably weren’t the best choice, I’m not sure ripped jeans are really suitable for Winter but I’ve failed to find any new jeans lately. I love the look of jeans, just not on me so I’ve failed to find a style that I want, apart from Mom jeans but I’ve failed to find any that fit!  As you can probably tell from these photos, they’re getting a little worn now, so much so that I’ve made the rip on one knee a little bigger. Let’s hope I can find a new pair soon. I’ve also worn this denim jacket before and I sewed the patches on myself which was a challenge but I’m so happy with how it’s turned out.

Of course for me an outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of Dr Martens and shock horror, I’m not wearing my usual pair. These are my newest pair of Docs, I’ve wanted some Chelsea/Dealer style Docs for SO long now and after we returned from America I had some spending money left over, so I took the plunge and got them. These were a little pricey but I know they will last so long and they’re all warm and cosy which is perfect!



Rachel-R 7R 4

Coat – Primark
Jumper – H&M
Jeans – Topshop
Boots – Dr Martens

R 1R 8

I can’t express how cold it was on the day we took these photos; a faux fur coat and a warm jumper were definitely needed! I got this coat from Primark a few months back after taking the plunge and deciding to finally buy a faux fur coat. I was worried it would look a bit “extra” and I wouldn’t be able to pull it off like a lot of people, so I opted to get it in black so I don’t stand out too much when I wear it! I made a good choice though because black coats are so versatile and go with everything.

I’ve always been a huge fan of stripes (I think the past 3 clothing items I’ve bought have been striped) and I picked this jumper up in H&M as soon as I saw it. I just love the fluffy knitted look and how the neckline and cuffs are black and bold. It’s also just a really nice and warm material which is perfect for this weather!

R 5R 2

I’ve been needing a new pair of jeans for SO long but I have so much trouble finding a style that suits me. One minute I love super skinny jeans, the next minute I’m all about the mom jeans, but recently I’ve just felt that I need something in the middle. I searched Topshop online and saw Orson jean were a thing but I wasn’t able to find them in any store until a few weeks ago. If I’m honest, I don’t think I’ll ever be completely in love with how any pair of jeans looks on me. I got these in one leg length too short so I could wear them with boots, but they’re a bit short so I can’t win really! However, they’re not tight around my thighs or knees, so they’re really comfy but they still look fairly slim! I love the raw hem look and I just think they look perfect with any shoe.

Speaking of shoes, I finally got myself the Chelsea Boots I’ve been dreaming about! These ones are Dr Martens and they’re so shiny and beautiful. I am in love! I’m not doing myself any favours in these pictures because I’m standing weird, but trust me, they’re beautiful. They’re more pointed than the standard Chelsea Boots and don’t have the iconic yellow stitching but I think they look really nice and sophisticated.

R 6R 3


So that’s it, our first fashion post of the year – 18 days in (oops)! We know we’re not the most fashionable people on the planet but fashion has become our favourite topic to feature on our blog. This year we’re aiming to continue posting as many fashion related posts as possible, as we really love  exploring locations, taking photos, and writing about outfits. We’ve also planned a few beauty posts which we want to write, so hopefully we’ll be able to stick to our word and get some posts up more regularly soon!

Have you purchased any new tees or jumpers so far this year that are a staple in your wardrobe? What stores are killing it for you at the moment? We’d love to know!

lauren and rachel

5 thoughts on “New Year, New… Tees?

  1. Lauren your hair colour is looking fiiiiine gal!!! I adore that jumper, I’ve been obsessed with yellow this month!
    Rachel my girl you’ve got that bitchy model face down to a T! I think I need some of those Orson jeans too, they sound perfect xxx


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