Lush Naked Lip Scrubs | Godsend or Gimmick?

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Over the past year or so Lush have been trying even harder to make their products ethical and safer for the environment. One thing they have been doing to ensure this is changing up their usual products and creating ‘naked’ versions with no packaging at all. Over Christmas (2017) they released a naked version of one of our favourite products, lip scrubs and at first we weren’t too sure if we liked the idea. We’re huge fans of the potted lip scrubs so we didn’t know how the naked ones would work and if they’d be worth the money. After the Lush boxing day sales hit, we went into a store to see what bits they had left and there were plenty of naked lip scrubs, it must have been a sign! We decided to try them out and see if the whole ‘naked’ thing is a godsend, or just a gimmick! We’re well aware that these are not currently being sold, however, we’re hoping that Lush will bring them back sometime soon.

Lush naked lip scrubs 2.jpg

The naked lip scrubs we got are Sugar Plum Fairy (from the Christmas range) and Black Rose (From the Halloween range). They were priced at £5.75 each, although we got them half price in the sale. When we first saw the naked lip scrubs, we weren’t sure how they were going to work. They’re like massage bars for your lips, surely they’re just going to melt everywhere if you don’t store them correctly?! Luckily Lush had little recyclable boxes which we got to store them in, although we’re not entirely sure if they’re free or not. The lady in the store told us they were free but the woman who served Rachel charged her for it (it will forever be a mystery!). Lush are yet to make any other versions of the naked lip scrubs now these ones are gone, so maybe they were testing them out over the Christmas period to find out about their popularity.

Lush naked lip scrubs 3

The first thing we thought of when we picked these up was the scent. Both of the scrubs smell amazing! Sugar Plum Fairy is Comforter scented, which is one of our favourite products ever and smells like berries. Black Rose is more of a cola scent, which kind of reminds us of Santa’s lip scrub.

We love the floral design on these products, it just makes them look a little bit more exciting and the colours of the products made them stand out to us. The scrubs are a thick rectangular shape which is really compact and can easily be put in your bag for when you’re on the go, just like the potted lip scrubs.

Lush naked lip scrubs 4

The solid lip scrubs are easier to apply than the potted ones, as you literally just glide the bar over your lips as opposed to scraping the scrub out of the pot! One thing we did notice was that the bar starts off with a scratchy texture and really exfoliates the lips, then soon after it begins to melt and feels really moisturising. It’s like a solid body scrub for your lips!

No we know taste probably isn’t the most important part of a product, but when you’re using it to scrub your lips, it’s kind of a big deal! Like all of Lush’s lip scrubs, these two have amazing tastes, one like berries and the other like cola (they taste exactly how they smell!).

Using the scrubs makes your lips feel so smooth and gets rid of any dry skin, leaving your them ready to apply a lipstick. Not only does it exfoliate your lips, but the bar melts to makes them feel moisturised and smooth. We feel like it’s easier to control how much product you’re using with the solid scrubs, as rather than scraping it out of the put you just glide it on and use as much as necessary.

Lush naked lip scrubs 5

In comparison to the potted scrubs, the solid bars seem much quicker and easier to use and there’s also a lot less waste. We’re forever getting too much product out of the pots and then dropping half of it on the floor, so if you’re like us you’ll probably prefer these solid scrubs! They are 20p cheaper than the pots, which isn’t a big difference but we feel the bars are so worth the money! Lip scrubs have always been an essential for us and these are even better for when you’re in a rush. They are so moisturising and are perfect to apply before wearing a matte lipstick. We can see them lasting quite a while too which is always good.

Lush solid lip scrubs.jpg

We know we’re a little late to talk about the naked lip scrubs, as they are no longer available at the moment, but we’re hoping Lush had good feedback about them and eventually make a solid version of all of their lip scrubs! We would love to see a bright pink solid version of Bubblegum lip scrub because it’s our favourite!

Did you try any of these when they were available? What did you think?

lauren and rachel

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