2018 Goals: Making a Change

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So another year has gone by and just like every other year, it didn’t even feel like Christmas was a thing? January is probably our least favourite month and we always try not to be taken over by the January blues, but it can be so difficult to stay positive.

One way we’re trying to defeat the January blues this year is by seeing January as a fresh new start and a chance to make new memories. We never really do things that we regret, but there’s always something that could be improved slightly, so we know it might be a bit cliché, but we’ve decided to set ourselves some personal goals and changes we want to make for 2018. We’re never usually into the whole “New Years Resolution” thing, but this year we thought it might help us stay positive and have something that we aim to achieve or change by the end of the year.

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Rachel –

One thing that I am determined to do this year is stop caring so much about what other people think of me. This is in terms of my personality as well as my appearance. I’m a people pleaser and I like to be nice to everybody but it doesn’t always work in my favour. This year I’ve decided that I’m done with people walking allover me and I’m going to try to stop being super nice to those people who throw it back in my face! I also really want to try to stop worrying about people judging me for different reasons and start wearing whatever I want to and doing my makeup however I want to without caring if I’m being judged or not.

In the past few days I’ve realised that I graduate NEXT YEAR. Quite honestly the thought of this terrifies me. I don’t know what I’m going to do afterwards and I don’t really feel good enough or confident enough for anything. This year I’d love to try to promote my work and try working with new people to get out of  my comfort zone. I know I need to have a career after I graduate, so I’d love to do some paid work to prove to myself that I can do it and hopefully it will help eliminate the stress I constantly have when I think about finishing my degree! However, I’m just way too anxious and don’t know where to even start… which brings me to my next goal:

I feel like I say this to myself every year, but I just really want to be more confident and stop being so anxious all the time. Looking back, I’ve come a long way in terms of this but it’s still there and since I don’t really know what the underlying issue is, I’m not sure how I can solve it. If anybody can relate to this and has any blog posts on what helped them, feel free to share! I know I could do so much more if I didn’t have issues with anxiety and working with people, so in 2018 I’d love to just improve it even slightly!

I really try to get the most out of my degree by working really hard and aiming to get the best grades possible. What doesn’t help is when you do so much work that you’re proud of and there’s nothing more you can do, yet your tutor shuts you down with their harsh marking. I know everyone in my class has to deal with it too, but I just get really down about it. In 2018, I’m going to keep working hard but I’m going to remind myself that my grades don’t completely reflect my ability and my grades aren’t even bad at all. You don’t need the highest grade to be proud of your work and what your tutor thinks is bad may the best piece of work you’ve ever done or vice versa (that’s the annoying thing about doing art subjects)!

I really enjoy writing a blog but I always let things get in the way or put me off. This year I want to try to blog as much as possible and really up my blogging game. I need to remember, if Lauren doesn’t feel up to posting, or doesn’t have the time, why can’t I? Or the other way round too! I need to get more organised and make time for uni work and a social life, but also fit in blogging since it’s something I love doing. I know it shouldn’t be a priority because I don’t get paid for it but to me it’s an escape and I don’t want 2018 to be the year I stop doing something I really enjoy.

I started my little Etsy shop in June 2016 and last year I worked so hard on it and saw my sales really improve. This year I want to get even more so I can feel comfortable knowing I’m earning enough money to live on at the moment through my shop. Each sale really helps me out and I love being able to make money through something I love doing! I’ve set myself a goal to get 600 sales in total on my store. I’m currently on 370+ so it’s probably a long shot but to be honest, I’m happy getting any sales at all!

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Lauren – 

This may seem like a really obvious goal but right now teacher training is one of the main things I have in my life. I have always wanted to be a teacher so my main goal is to pass my teacher training (hopefully with a 1 overall) and be well prepared for September when I will be an NQT.

I don’t have a lot of spare time so I want to make sure that any time I have free, I’m doing something. Whether that’s going for a walk, watching a film, shopping – basically anything other than just sitting on my phone constantly refreshing Twitter and Instagram. I want to make memories and enjoy myself so as long as I’m doing something other than sitting in on social media all day, I’ll be achieving this goal in 2018.

I’ve recently learnt that I am my own worst enemy and I am incredibly hard on myself. I always feel that whatever I’ve done it’s not good enough and I really need to try and avoid doing this.  I find that after teaching a lesson I can be incredibly critical and look at any negatives I can find, even if I’m being praised by colleagues I brush it off and bring up a negative. I need to start looking at the positives more  and think to myself that ‘negatives’ aren’t ‘negatives’ they are areas for improvement which can make me even better. I’m not saying that 2018 is the year I’m going to completely change my attitude towards myself however, I want to try and refrain from being hard on myself.

Something else I want to avoid doing this year is comparing myself to other people. Whether it’s in terms of body image, clothing or academically, I need to avoid doing this and focus on myself. I think I need to remind myself that we are all different and it’s okay if I don’t look a certain way or if a certain style of trousers don’t suit me. Comparing myself constantly to other people will only make me miserable so I want 2018 to be a year where I focus on myself and try to learn to love myself (even if it’s only a little bit).

Last year our blog took a little bit of a dip as I was finishing my degree and then in September I started my teacher training. I’m finding it so hard to find time for everything that I want to do but blogging is something I really enjoy. I love to write, whether it’s fashion posts, product reviews or a recount of a day out, I just love writing up blog posts.  I also feel like I’m letting Rachel down when I’m slacking on the blog front, I know we can post separately but I love working together. We created this blog together and as cliche as it sounds I want to experience the ‘blogging journey’ together! Therefore, I’m going to make sure that I set some time aside for blogging in 2018 so that I can keep doing what I enjoy.

For years now I’ve been saying that I want to try Yoga and here I am, it’s 2018 and guess what – I still haven’t given it a go! So this year I’m going to take the plunge and try some Yoga. I want to save money so I’m going to avoid going to a class and try and see what I can find on YouTube. If you guys have any recommendations please let me know, I’m a beginner to all this so obviously I need a YouTube channel for beginners!

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It isn’t the end of the world if we don’t achieve all of these things, but just having them to aim for will hopefully make our year even better than our 2017! We’ve got lots of stuff planned already and we’re only a few days into 2018 so let’s hope that we can make this year a memorable one! Have you got any goals for this year or do you have any advice on how we can achieve our goals? We’d love to know!

lauren and rachel

21 thoughts on “2018 Goals: Making a Change

  1. Hi Rachel! I have the same goal regarding anxiety this year, let’s hope we both learn to gradually grow out of it! Until then I’m going to try and take it easy on myself this year. Good luck to you!


  2. You guys have some great goals! Good luck on reaching all of them. Something I’ve found that helps with anxiety is meditation (you can use an app like Headspace to help guide you through it) and oddly enough, an essential oil diffuser with oils that are used for calming. Both of those things aren’t for everyone though but I thought I’d throw out the idea! Happy New Year! 🙂


  3. These are such lovely goals, really realistic and achievable too which is amazing. I hate seeing people set themselves insane goals that they’ll end up getting upset over.
    I wish you both all the luck ever in achieving every single one of them! xxx


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