Exploring the Pumpkin Patch


Every year throughout the month of October, our Instagram feed is full of people going to a pumpkin patch. We scroll through and see the array of orange shades and interestingly shaped pumpkins and it always makes us want to visit one ourselves. The problem is we were always unsure of where a local decent patch was located. That was until our blogger pal Yasmine recently posted some pictures on her Instagram of her visit to Foxes Farm pumpkin patch. Since it’s fairly local to us, we decided we had to make a trip, finally!


We arrived to an almost full car park, which we were surprised by as we didn’t expect it to be that busy on a Sunday! It proves how popular pumpkin patches are becoming now. At first we were quite unsure of how pumpkin patches work and we were a little worried we wouldn’t find what we wanted, as it looked quite small from a distance. We soon realised that the patch extended even further out than we thought and all we could see were little orange blobs in the distance!

The patch was full of people searching for the biggest and best pumpkins to place in their wheelbarrows and take home. There were so many people there that we didn’t manage to get a wheel barrow ourselves, so we ended up using our non existent muscles to carry around our enormous pumpkins and let’s just say we couldn’t wait to put them down when we went to pay!!



Entry into the pumpkin patch is free, you only pay if you buy a pumpkin. Prices ranged from £1 to around £10 and there were so many varieties, some we didn’t know existed. These included munchkin pumpkins, onion squashes and crown princes, there were so many strange and quirky plants to choose from! We were also surprised that you could pick extra-large and ‘monster’ sized pumpkins, imagine what kind of masterpiece you could carve into that!


It was so much fun exploring the patch, scavenging for our own perfect pumpkins and looking at all of the weirdly shaped and coloured pumpkins. For us it was lovely to get out of the house for a little while in the fresh air and do something with little to no cost. We love going out for autumnal walks but going to the pumpkin patch took that to a whole new level and we loved the fact that it was so different to what we’d normally do.


After hunting around the pumpkin patch for a good half hour, we each managed to pick up a pumpkin that we were happy with. Darren even purchased a marrow which he’s going to attempt to carve, we’re not sure how that’s going to go so good luck with that! On the other hand, Joe purchased a ‘large’ pumpkin and we’re thinking it’s going to take him all night to carve it.


We’re really excited to carve our pumpkins this year, as it feels more special to us knowing that we actually went and picked the pumpkins ourselves. Knowing us we’ll probably be carving something Disney themed into them and we can’t wait to show you guys how they turn out.


We had such a lovely time at Foxes Farm. It was lovely to have the opportunity to pick our own pumpkins and we’ll definitely be returning next year. We feel that the prices are really reasonable considering the size of the pumpkins you are able to buy. Oh and before we forget, if you’re planning to go any time soon make sure to wear some boots or wellies to avoid muddy feet! We’d also say that if you can, get there early so you can grab a wheelbarrow to avoid that achey arm feeling!

lauren and rachel


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