DIY Dream Jars with Hobbycraft*


One thing we love to do when we have any spare time is get creative. We’re not the best at arts and crafts but we love to give it a go and see what we can make! Whether we’re working on our scrapbooks or trying to create something new, there is something almost therapeutic about getting creative and crafty! Hobbycraft is our first stop when we need any crafting essentials, so you can imagine how shocked and happy we were when we received an email from them, asking if we would like to work together! They set us the challenge of creating something using their blog as a guideline. Their blog features many different tutorials and ideas, so it’s great to have a look at if you want something fun to make but need inspiration!

We chose to create dream jars and Hobbycraft sent us all the essential stuff needed to make them. We decided to add our own personal touch to them, Rachel’s being inspired by her favourite Disney film and Lauren’s being a jar to keep all of her memories in.


If you’d like to exactly how we got our jars to look how they do, then have a watch of our video below. You’ll get to see the stages of our jars, how Lauren almost gave up on camera and how we both needed up looking like a walking paint palette!


We had so much fun making these, although if you want to try them yourself, make sure you cover your work area in lots of newspaper, because you’ll get glitter and paint EVERYWHERE! We’re pretty happy with how our jars turned out and they make a nice touch to our bedroom shelves.
Thanks again to Hobbycraft for the opportunity!

lauren and rachel

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