Autumn – Expectations vs Reality


We’re pretty sure many of you can agree with us when we say Autumn is the best season (Spring being a very close second!). It’s the perfect time of year as the sun goes away and you get to wear cosy jumpers in every berry shade imaginable, chuck on some cosy pyjamas at the end of a long day and drink your entire body weight in hot chocolate. Every year we see so many bloggers posting about Autumn and the things they’re looking forward to and it gets us so excited for the season ahead! However, when it actually arrives we get quite disappointed by a few things. Don’t get us wrong, we adore Autumn, but it isn’t always everything it’s hyped up to be. We’ve compiled a list of expectations we have for Autumn… and what they’re really like once the season arrives!


Crunchy Leaves
Isn’t it great when the leaves start turning all different shades of browns and oranges and fall to the ground. There is something so satisfying about the leaves crunching beneath your shoes and it’s something all of us bloggers look forward to. However, most of the time during Autumn it’s raining, so the leaves actually go soggy, thus squelching beneath your boots, ew.

Light Jackets
So the warmth has gone but the sun is still making an appearance. That means it’s the perfect weather for a light, in-between jacket, when it’s not too hot or too cold. But wait, what’s that falling from the sky?! Oh yeah… rain. So forget about the cute lightweight jackets you think you’ll be styling with your knits and boots, because you’ll actually be needing a rain mac and in the worst case, a massive coat!

Sunny but Chilly
Those of us who like the sun but aren’t huge fans of Summer love Autumn, as the sun is out but there’s that Autumnal chill in the air. Well, that is for the first few days of Autumn and then starts the rain. Not to forget that it also gets super windy meaning your umbrella gets destroyed in a matter of seconds whilst you’re trying to keep dry!

Hot Chocolate
The air is getting colder and there’s nothing better than getting in from a long day and making yourself a nice warm hot chocolate… that’s until you take one sip and burn your whole mouth!

Cosy Nights In
Getting in from a stressful, long day is great and it’s even better in the Autumn. The nights get darker and the blankets come out and it’s so nice to sit in all cosy by the TV. Then we remember the pile of coursework that is haunting us! No cosy, chilled evenings for us this Autumn!


Now this is the one everyone looks forward to. It’s a big deal to a lot of people and many people we know will go out and celebrate it but if we’re honest, we’ve never really got the hype! The sweets that are available throughout the stores for Halloween are the only thing that really appeals to us and all we do to celebrate is carve a pumpkin… which actually leads us to our next point.

Carving pumpkins for Halloween is all fun and games until it comes to cleaning up all the gunky gross insides that are left allover the table! Also, in reality, who the hell even eats pumpkins? Maybe we’re just being grumpy but come on, you buy it, you carve it then it rots and stinks your house out, meaning you have to bin your masterpiece (that isn’t going to stop us from buying one this year though…)!

Orange Scenery
When you think of Autumn you think of different shades and tones of orange and the red leaves and the orange sunset just make Autumn for us. Unfortunately, this only lasts for a few days, then everything appears to turn a horrid brown colour. Goodbye pretty leaves and hello grey skies.

Dark Lipsticks
Autumn means that it’s finally more socially acceptable to wear a dark lip! If we’re being completely honest, we wear a dark lip all year round but it feels like Autumn and Winter are the seasons where we don’t get funny looks for it! The only issue is… both of us are far too pale to pull a dark lip off, so much so that we end up looking like Count Dracula in Drag. This doesn’t stop us though, all the Kat Von D shades pls!!

Cosy Slippers
So you know it’s Autumn when you start to get chilly feet, that’s when you reach for your favourite pair of cosy slippers. Well we would anyway but that’s out the window because our dog happened to chew them up over 5 years ago.  Yeah we could go and buy more but Jessie would have a field day with that, so we’ll just have to stick to those extra cheap (but super comfy we must say) Primark ones!


Of course not everything’s all that bad about Autumn and it may not seem like it, but we really do love the season, honest! A few things that actually live up to their expectations about Autumn are the nice smelling candles, the lead up to Christmas, the cosy nights in and we can’t forget that all the good TV starts! Can you really beat a Saturday night in watching Strictly?

lauren and rachel

5 thoughts on “Autumn – Expectations vs Reality

  1. I’ll never not love Autumn, but you are so right with some of these points. The rain is the worst. I love it if I’m curled up inside with a blanket, hot chocolate and book. But if I have to go out in the rain? Then I am not a happy bunny!

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  2. Gorgeous photos! Great post too, I’ll always love Autumn and Halloween but your definitely right about the rain spoiling a lot of our expectations for the season. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in years! 😮


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